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The Difficulty And Outlet Of Administrative Service Center

Posted on:2010-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360275997524Subject:Administrative Management
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With the development of market economy in China, Local government established kinds of administrative service center. During the practice, administrative service center has positive influence on government. It improves the government's efficiency and transparency. On the other hand, without the integrity system design, administrative service center has difficulty in management and operation. These difficulties occurs operation baffles, even threaten administrative service center's existence. Therefore, it is urgent for administrative service center to find a way to avoid the difficulties and move forward.This research is based on administrative service center in Quan Zhou. It aims to analyze the operation situation and baffles in Quan Zhou administrative service center, summarizes the innovation practice which happens in this center. Through the deep analysis, this research intends to provide valuable solutions for administrative service center's long term development in China. The main content of this paper as follows: First, Quan Zhou administrative service center's operation situation and its impact in reality. Second, the difficulties happened in Quan Zhou administrative service center and its reasons. Third, the innovative practices were taken in Quan Zhou administrative service center and its successful experience. Fourth, based on the successful experience in Quan Zhou, this research provided available advices for administrative service center's long term development in China.This paper is focus on the ballets and outlets of administrative service center in China. The competition between governments become more and more fiercely, and the government management transformation in China is deeply undergoing. In this situation, the subject of this paper has a strong technicality and reality pertinence. With regard to the content, this research is based on the overall review of administrative service center in China, and this research integrate with the demonstration of a local administrative service center in practice. Through this approach, the content of this research would be detailed, and the analysis would be deeply. Regard to the research method, this paper integrates theory with practice, not only use theory to explain, but also provide practical advice. On the other hand, because the material is limited, so it is hard to cover all the operation situation of Quan Zhou Administrative Service Center. So the relative analysis is not enough, the advice for improve the Administrative Service Center's long term development is not sufficiency.
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