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A Study Of Motivation Strategy Of Administrative Service Center Of Binhai

Posted on:2008-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360278453493Subject:Business Administration
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According to the Service Government Concept, the Administrative Service Center cuts down the number of admission items, optimizes the process of examining and approving and simplifies the procedure of affair-handling, making an important contribution to the optimization of economic and social environment. But due to the contradiction between reformation and existing systems, there are some kinds of problems in the field of Human Resource Management in the Administrative Service Center. How to motivate the window staff is the important problem that the various levels of government, various government departments and various levels of administrative service center must study carefully and solve appropriately, which makes the staff improve the sense of responsibility, increase enterprising spirit, enhance the cohesion and devote into service more actively.In the light of administrative thought of behavior and system, this article analyzes the motivation system by combining the basic motivation theories with the practice in Administrative Service Center of Binhai, finding out the existing problems, such as confusion of functions, authority and responsibility, lack of performance assessment system, prevailing of equalitarianism, deficiency of spirit motivation and absence of competing motivation, etc. At the same time, a questionnaire on employees satisfaction with job is designed and the data are analyzed by using Analytic Hierarchy Process. At the end it brings forward some pertinent and operable motivation tactics, such as rationalization of functions, authority and responsibility, perfecting performance assessment, establishing different and culture motivation system and so on.Hope to guide practice to deal with the related problems on employee motivation in administrative service center, and offer reference for other similar organizations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Motivation Strategy, Employees Satisfaction, Administrative Service Center
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