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The Primary Explore About The Development Dilemma Countermeasure Of China's Administrative Accountability

Posted on:2011-11-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360308483165Subject:Administrative Management
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The administration accountability system refers to the certain accountability for governments and administrative workers'responsibility and obligation, the implementation of supervision and examination, according to legal procedure to fulfill not perform the administrative duties or fails to perform the administrative correctly, shall be investigated for his responsibility of a system, it is a set of administrative power supervision and restraint the responsibility. Our administration accountability system began in 2003, the "SARS" reflects the responsibility of the government accountability "consistent" the principle, has become China's new administration system reform. The ultimate goal is to guarantee normal operation of the government system, curb corruption and safeguard the public interest power losses or minimize the damage, it is the effective way to achieve the goal of constructing the responsibility government. Our administration accountability system had been running for only six years, it is still a new thing, needing academic circles to pay more attention. In practice, there is a larger space to study in the depth and breadthe.The article adopts literature research, analysis and the method of combining theory and practice, collecting much more domestic and foreign literatures and theory, based on this,the author concludes the administration accountability system development dilemma, tries to analyze the causes traced back to achieve the purpose of administration accountability system. Further studies the problem of theory and practical significance lies in:(1) to promote setting administration accountability system in order to establish and perfect our responsibility government building, (2) in order to realize effective administration, (3) to purge, optimizing the civil servants bureaucracy.This paper content is divided into five parts:the first part is the introduction of the background and significance is discussed, the research status of both at home and abroad were reviewed, the paper pointed out that the research methods and the main frame.The second part of the administration accountability system philosophy are analyzed. First, based on the analysis of ages and academic ideas and defines the meaning of the administration accountability system, Then from the administration accountability system elements on the system of administrative interpretation of accountability system; Then for the administration accountability system of theoretical origin, the analysis of the various theories of thoughts in accountability, accountability of theoretical basis, Finally expounds the value of the administration accountability system, contain research administration accountability system research value.The third part of the administration accountability system implementation, analyzed the administration accountability system development trend. At first the accountability from the relevant administrative rules, regulations, paper, just ask instruct so far in the accountability of great influence in the storm, the principal to implement and validity, Secondly analyzed from four aspects in the administration accountability system development trend.The fourth part is the administration accountability system analyses the difficulties encountered in development. Includes the administration accountability system of "hardware" and "software" problems. The former is not clear, heavy responsibilities include the accountability light procedure accountability and accountability for nothing less trivial, supporting system and accountability of, the latter refers to the administration accountability of the soul-the administration accountability culture construction, lack of lag phenomenon.The fifth part in the fourth part of the administration accountability system development dilemma proposed the corresponding policies and measures...
Keywords/Search Tags:The administration accountability system, The responsibility of the government, Development dilemma, Countermeasures
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