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Research On The Comeback Mechanism Of The Accountable Officials In China

Posted on:2011-06-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360332455584Subject:Administrative Management
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With the development of our administrative accountability,China's central and local governments attach great importance to the construction of administrative accountability system, introduced specific measures of administrative accountability. July 2009,the general offices of the communist party of china central committee and the state council issued the "Party and government leaders on the implementation of the accountability of the Interim Provisions", including the case, methods, and procedures of accountability. March 31,2010, the "responsibility of selecting and appointing leading cadres of party and government accountability (for trial implementation)"were introduced, the measure includes that the responsible persons must be punished under different circumstances for the leaders who are selected and appointed by them break the law. The measure also accounts for the appointment and promotion of leading cadres who have been removed from post. In addition, Governments at all levels also introduced a number of administrative accountability regulations. All these indicate that China's administrative accountability system is gradually moving towards institutional and legal track.With the high-profile accountability, the phenomenon of low-key comeback is also existents. The public now pay more attention to the movement of government officials accountable, and the comeback problem the officials is becoming a hot topic. Currently, many accountability officials are quietly return back, without open and transparent procedures.The comeback which the public learned about is mostly through the media, not the announcement by the Ministry of Personnel,which dissatisfied the public extremely. Certainly, the accountability system is not negate the accountable officials totally, also not means that they are not appointed any more, the officials meet the relevant conditions can be appointed after a certain period, which also reflects the political rationality. But now there are not any institutions on the comeback of the officials to be accountable. Therefore, it is particularly important to establish the comeback mechanism of the accountable officials. This article based on the analysis of the actual state and the problems about the comeback of the accountable officials, then suggest that we should open procedures of the accountable officials comeback, establish and improve the laws and regulations related to, the community supervision systems, the related supporting systems, only through these can we establish a sound comeback mechanism of the accountable officials in our country.
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