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A Study On The Return Of Accountability Officials In China

Posted on:2017-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206330488471680Subject:Political Theory
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After “SARS epidemic” in 2003, China began to implement administrative accountability of routinization and institutionalization historically. Since then for all kinds of public emergencies, the Chinese government normally implemented the administrative accountability of officials. It has become an important part of democratic supervision system in our country for effectively preventing and resolving all kinds of social crisis, not only playing important role in improving the service consciousness of the public servants, but also having great significance in constructing responsible government and safeguarding public interests. But with implementing the accountability of officials, the institutional disadvantage of disorder comeback of the officials has emerged. From the illegibility accountability to their obscurely comeback, it is the consistent realistic logic of the responsibility. The fundamental causes include that there is no perfect relevant laws, regulations and the system of rules, scientific procedures and weak in social supervision mechanism, the mechanism has broken from the accountability of officials to their comeback, and there is weakness in the internal control of their comeback and so on.From the present situation of the official comeback, the author searched and collected typical cases of the comeback of the officials,analyzed the problems and the causes according to the periodical research achievement of the current administrative accountability system, put forward the ideals to solve the problems. Based on the current laws and regulations, referencing many literature, researching the civil servant appointment procedures, the author tried to suggest the effective path to establish and perfect the officials return mechanism in China.The dissertation was written in order of “Theoretical exposition-Dilemma of the theory-Analysis of the attribution-Ways of the construction” as the main logical context. The author highlighted the background, the significance and ideas of the research, and summarized current domestic and foreign research achievement, pointed out the research ideas of this paper combining with the domestic and foreign researches.The author expounded the basic theory of responsibility on administrative accountability; summed up the relevant concepts of the accountability and explicitly defined the concepts of accountability, accountability and accountability officials; put forward the theoretical basis of the comeback of the accountability officials, including the theory of responsible government, the people’s sovereignty theory and the theory of power resistance; outlined the basis for accountability official comeback and the social negative impacts of the officials abnormal comeback respectively. The rationality of the comeback of the accountability officials is expounded from three perspectives,such as laws, regulations and the effective use of human resources.The social negative impacts of the improper comeback the accountability officials are analyzed from several aspects. The current situation of the administrative accountability, the dilemma and the causes were mainly analyzed from the phenomenon of the typical events including the comeback out of the rules frequently, the condition of the comeback is not clear and the process of the comeback is not standardized in China.The causes for these problems are thoroughly analyzed that the problems are not happened by chance, but it occurred by a series of the interaction of internal and external factors.At last,the author put forward the views clearly,including the path of regulating the mechanism of the comeback of the accountability officials, the implementation of the administrative accountability system is the important measure to building a responsible government and improving the accountability of officials back mechanism is a key measure in China. The countermeasures are put forward to solve these problems: firstly we must cultivate a culture of the accountability and let the consciousness of accountability deeply rooted among the people; secondly, completing the laws, establishing clear standards,conditions and the rules of the accountable officials’ comeback and perfecting the diversified social supervision system of the officials comeback.
Keywords/Search Tags:administrative accountability, accountability officials, comeback mechanism
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