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Research On The Institutionalizing Accountable Officials Comeback In China

Posted on:2017-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330512974619Subject:Administrative Management
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The administrative accountability system originated from the modern western countries.At the same time it is the product of western bourgeois representative democratic political system.With the gradual development of administrative law,and the official accountability as an opportunity in SARS period,the administrative accountability has entered a golden period of development in both theory and practice.However,the development of administrative accountability system in our country is relatively short.Coupled with the reasons for the inherent political system,there are still a lot of places to be perfected in the process of building administrative accountability.In the implementation process of the administrative accountability system,there have been a lot of accountability officials.Because of accountability many of these officials resign,dismissal or removed.With some officials backing,the accountability become formality and"accountability show".Due to the development of the current network,fast information dissemination there are a variety of channels to expose the social problems.High-profile accountability and low-key comeback phenomenon caused public concern.It undermines the effectiveness of the administrative accountability system.These problems pose great threat to our country administrative accountability system.They make its authority being challenged and damage,weakening the party's ruling ability,reducing the government's credibility.Based on the principal officials return system present situation and the practice of the present situation,the principal officials back problem system and further research is needed.The system of administrative accountability officials return helps to perfect the administrative accountability system.At the same time,with the deepening of the administrative accountability system and standardization,building specification of principal officials return mechanism is very necessary.It is important to promote the construction of the law government and responsible government.In this paper,we study the problem of the system of administrative accountability official return.It will be analyzed according to the following ideas.Firstly,it is the question of whether officials can come back.This is the premise of the study of institutional change.Through argument of weather the accountability officials should or can returned,it come to the point of this paper:Principal officials can return,but back to the specification.And then discuss how to return,how to form a system.Besides the introduction and conclusion,this paper includes four parts.First of all,the first chapter is the introduction.This part mainly describes the research background,research significance,research content and research methods.It also include domestic and international research review,the innovation and deficiency of the article.The last chapter is the conclusion and prospect.The main body of the thesis consists of four chapters.The second chapter studies the related concepts and theoretical basis.It mainly introduce the meaning of the accountability,administrative accountability,official comeback and institutionalization.The theory part mainly relates to the social contract theory,the rule of law government theory and the theory of representative government.The third chapter is the analysis of the legitimacy and rationality of the return of the administrative accountability official.Legitimacy is mainly about the analysis of the existing laws and regulations related to official comeback.It can provide legal basis for the official comeback.Rationality is mainly through the consolidation of the views of some experts and scholars,combination of public controversy,the analysis of the focus of controversy.It come to this point of view:accountable officials can come back and explain their views.Finally make a summary on the basis of the former two parts,the principal officials can return,not only to legitimate and reasonable,also accord with public opinion,so they have to regulate their comeback.The fourth chapter analyzes the status quo of administrative accountability official's return,the current situation of the system and the practice of the two parts of the system.Through the analysis of the existing laws and regulations,we can find the imperfect system.In combination with the statistical analysis of the situation of our country's administrative accountability official's return,we can get a series of problems in practice.The fifth chapter mainly put forward to establish and perfect the system of our country's accountability official return system,involving the specific content of ruturn mechanism(conditions,duration,position,procedures,etc.),perfect countermeasures and some suggestions to improve the relevant supporting mechanism.
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