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Research On The Comeback Mechanism Of The Accountable Officials In China

Posted on:2014-02-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z F ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395996162Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Establishing scientific and reasonable comeback mechanism of theaccountable officials in China is not only an effective way to improve theaccountability system in China, but also a fundamental guarantee to do a goodjob of the cadres’ selection and appointment work. It can promote the credibilityof choose and employ persons to be further improved, as well as can promotethe civil servants’ diligent honest consciousness to be effectively developed.The article is divided into four parts including introduction and main body.The introduction part mainly introduces the background and significance of thetopic, domestic and foreign research situation, research methods and innovationpoints. The first part outlines the meaning and characteristics of the comebackmechanism of the accountable officials, discusses the rationality and necessity of the establishing of the comeback mechanism of the accountable officials. Thecomeback mechanism of the accountable officials embodies the party’s policy of"cure the sickness to save the patient ". It is advantageous to the party andgovernment cadres’ team construction. It is advantageous to perfect themechanism of the cadres’ selection and appointment. It is advantageous toestablish a sunshine government. The second part analyzes the problems andinfluences of the accountable officials’ comeback in China. Overall, theaccountable officials’ comeback is not standard. There are frequent comeback,"lightning comeback"," mysterious comeback ", diverse comeback, etc. Thereasons mainly include the lack of institutionalization, standardization androutinization, rootedness of “Official Standard” thought, unhealthy tendency ofchoosing a person for a job, the lack of effective supervision mechanism, etc.Thus it weakens the function of accountability system, harms the image of thegovernment, dampens the enthusiasm of the people involved in monitoring, andexacerbates the comeback officials’ psychological burden. The third part putsforward the ways to construct the comeback mechanism of the accountableofficials in China. For setting up scientific and reasonable comeback mechanism of the accountable officials, we must make independent and unitive regulationsand detailed rules of the accountable officials’ comeback; we must make a clearstandard of the accountable officials’ comeback, clear and definite theconditions of the accountable officials’ comeback, confirm the accountableperiod of the accountable officials, standardize the accountable officials’comeback rank; we must perfect the process of the accountable officials’comeback, complete the candidate to recommend, strict organizationinvestigation, strengthen consultation and brewing, careful discussion anddecision, adhere to comeback publicity, carry out the probation period system;we must establish a reasonable and effective supervision mechanism of theaccountable officials’ comeback, strengthen the disciplinary inspection(inspection) department, the people’s congress and public opinion supervision.
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