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Research On The Comeback Mechanism Of The Accountable Official In China

Posted on:2014-01-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X G ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330467960218Subject:Administrative Management
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With the practice of administrative accountability gradual deepening of China’s central and localgovernments attach great importance to the construction of the administrative accountability system,gradually introduced a specific administrative accountability measures and regulations, and graduallyincreasing accountability, accountability range has gradually expanded, these indicate that ouradministrative accountability system is gradually moving towards regular, institutionalized and legaltrack. The core scientific concept of development is people-oriented, China’s administrativeaccountability system is not to be negated from the administrative accountability officials shall notenabled, but should be given a humane administration officials accountable way, not all of hispolitical life and the end of, can still play its due social forces. For excellent quality and ability towork politically prominent officials in administrative accountability, after a certain period after thevisit, if they meet the relevant conditions are back appointments, which also reflects the state of thepeople, respect for the elite.But in the real, in a high-profile accountability at the same time, there are also low-key comebackphenomenon. Administrative accountability of government officials is the fate is increasingly arousedpublic concern, is the administrative accountability of officials back problems have gradually becomea hot topic in public. Many of the administrative accountability of officials are quietly comeback, itsopaque government, laws and regulations lack comeback conditions, procedures and time limits arenot clearly defined; and administrative accountability of officials comeback was the lack of effectivecommunity supervision, public understanding are mostly back to media reports, rather than to theannouncement of the personnel department, which made the public extremely dissatisfied; comebackby administrative accountability officials supporting system is not perfect, did not play its due role insupporting. Therefore, the establishment of a sound administrative accountability officials comebackmechanism is very important.This paper describes domestic and foreign scholars are administrative accountability mechanismsofficial comeback problems, and from the theory, institutions, practices and other aspects explain why.In administrative law theory and the theory of democracy, based on the recommendation from theadministrative accountability officials comeback must be open, transparent, and improve relevantlaws and regulations, improve the official comeback social mechanism of supervision, improverelevant aspects such as supporting systems, and establish sound administrative accountability ofofficials to be back mechanism.
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