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A Study On The Development Of Students' Mathematical Intuitive Thinking Ability In Classroom Teaching Practice

Posted on:2004-08-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Education in 21st century is innovation-oriented education and China's education is bound to assume in the present and future knowledge age to the most challenging undertaking to foster talents of high quality and creativity, to supply sufficient human reserve and inexhaustible driving force for the development of the national innovation system. President Jiang Ze-min says," Innovation is the soul of a nation's prosperity. The key to innovation lies in talents, while the development of talents depends on education. "As far as the education of mathematics is concerned, the development of creativity is directly and significantly affected by mathematical intuitive thinking, Beginning with the definition of "intuition", This paper comes to conclusion via the combination of experiments and analysis on the following subjects: the definition of mathematical intuitive thinking, the theoretical basis of the development of students' mathematical intuitive thinking ability, psychological factors affecting the development and in particular the significance, guidelines and ways of the development.By the definition of intuition in ((Encyclopedia of China ?Psychology)} , the paper defines intuition as a cognitive ability to make immediate judgement without analyzing or reasoning and further analyzes the relation and difference between intuition, inspiration, insight, imagination and perceptual intuition, pointing out that mathematical intuitive thinking is a swift judgement on and imagination to the objects of mathematics and their relationship in structure which is featured by illogicality, directness, probability, randomness and unity and aids students in predicting conclusion or direction to solution as well as making definite choice between several options, Furthermore, the paper probes into the foundation of mathematical intuitive thinking in terms of psychological mechanism, and thereupon holds it necessary to develop students' mathematical intuition in that it does good to the excitement of creativity, improvement of overall qualities, all- brain development and optimization of mathematical thinking among students.The development of students' mathematical intuitive thinking ability in high school mathematics teaching practice varies much mainly due to inadequacy in the study on psychological factors affecting students' mathematical intuitive thinking ability and lack of corresponding teaching guidelines and measures. With analysis of a large number of cases, the paper sorts out some chief psychological factors which prevent students' ability from sound developing, i.e. the dependence on teachers and top students,obstinacy, boredom, anxiety and fear of difficulty; correspondingly, it puts forward several guidelines in developing students' mathematical intuitive thinking, ability, i.e. selection, induction, reaction, co-ordination and sudden change. Finally, the paper brings forth some ways of developing students' mathematical intuitive thinking ability in classroom mathematics teaching: 1.The fostering of keen perception is the precondition. 2. The development of rich imagination is the foundation. 3. The education of mathematical aesthetics and excitement of the pursuit of mathematical aesthetics is an indispensable link. 4. The encouragement on mathematical speculation is the prelude. 5. The induction of mathematical intuition under the setting of mathematical knowledge and approaches is the key. 6. The enhancement of the transfer from intuition to logic to fill the gap of intuitive perception with logic reasoning is the essential measure. 7.The instruction on flexible application of mathematical thinking methods is the guarantee. 8. The visualization of teaching is an important way. 9. The arrangement of intuition period and provision of space for students' intuitive thinking is an effective link. The practice of the above measures has materialized the development of students' mathematical intuitive thinking ability and thereby laying a solid foundation for students' all-round coordinated development a...
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