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Research On The Cultivation Strategies Of Middle School Students' Mathematical Intuitive Thinking Ability

Posted on:2022-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306752951769Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Mathematical thinking is usually divided into logical thinking,intuitive thinking and figurative thinking.Teachers have been taking students' mathematical thinking training as an important teaching goal in the process of teaching secondary school mathematics,but the phenomenon of paying more attention to the development of logical thinking and neglecting intuitive thinking is common.And in the general environment of quality education,teachers are actively advocated to focus on cultivating students' creative ability and innovative thinking,and intuitive thinking,as an important foundation of innovative thinking,is particularly important.Therefore,it is very important to study how to develop students' intuitive thinking skills in mathematics in the teaching process.Firstly,by consulting the relevant research and analysis of intuitive thinking at home and abroad,the concept of mathematical intuitive thinking is defined: Mathematical intuitive thinking is a thinking process based on existing experience to have a direct insight into mathematical objects or things and grasp their essence.Then it systematically discusses the characteristics,basic forms and production mechanism of mathematical intuitive thinking,and gives four basic conditions affecting the production of mathematical intuitive thinking(cognitive structure,observation,imagination and conjecture ability,thinking quality and emotional attitude).Secondly,this paper divides the conditions that affect the generation of mathematical intuitive thinking into five dimensions,and compels the Questionnaire of Mathematical Intuitive Thinking Ability of Middle School Students(see Appendix 1)and The Outline of Interview with Middle School Teachers(see Appendix 2).This paper investigates and interviews 228 students and 11 teachers in a junior middle school in Hanzhong,and analyzes the survey data with SPSS and Excel software.In terms of grade alone,there is no obvious difference in students' mathematical intuitive thinking,but on the whole,students' mathematical intuitive thinking ability needs to be further improved.According to the interview results,some teachers' teaching ideas and teaching methods are still relatively traditional and single,which is not conducive to cultivating students' mathematical intuitive thinking.Finally,based on the results of questionnaire survey and interview,this paper puts forward a series of strategies to cultivate students' mathematical intuitive thinking ability from the perspective of teachers and middle school students,and illustrates the feasibility and effectiveness of these strategies combined with relevant teaching cases.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mathematics, Mathematical thinking, Intuitive thinking, Cultivation strategy
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