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The Study Of Track And Field Teaching Reform In University PE New Period

Posted on:2005-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y R LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360122494830Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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In this study, the author reviewed the history of track and field curricula in University PE, probed into the rule of the development, and this was very important for researching track and field teaching reform in university PE new period. Along with being implemented on reform of basic teaching, it is necessary for teaching reform in university PE, for the main aim of PE is to culture gym teacher. Course of track and field is one of main courses in PE, it contained many items and the technique is complex and it is dull to study. As a kind of items in sports, its constitutional function was neglected. Items of track and field have not only effects of education but also function of building up a strong constitution. So probed into problems in track and field teaching in university PE, put up reasonable and scientific measures and this would help to culture high-quality and cross-disciplinary talents of PE.In this thesis, the author study evolvement of PE's thought in our country since 19 century based on documents. 11 is necessary to distinguish the concept of "track and field" and "items of athletics in track and field". The core of track and field course was the aim of course, the task, the content and hour amount. The author study the change of track and field teaching program in university PE in a few years, probed into trend of the development of track and field teaching program. The results were as follows: the teaching content and hour amount are reducing; the culture of integrated quality more and more recognized; the estimating method are becoming diversification in results of students' study; the check of usual behave and ability are appended in the content of evaluation; the demand is increasing on gym master in university. By analysis on several different track and field teaching materials, and find the structure of teaching materials have changed, in the past the center of the content is sports and now the new fruit of teaching come into teaching materials and show guiding ideology of "healthy education" and "diathesis education"Modern status of track and field teaching in university are studied by the ways of questionnaire, experts interview and mathematical statistics. As far as I am concerned: there is a trend that attaching importance to technique but ignoring culture of competence; the main contents are still items of sports of track and field and some ofthem deviate teaching content in the middle school, at the same time items full of amusement and health are absent; hour amount of track and field is reducing, traditional teaching model and method are not suitable for modem teaching, there is a gap between research in theory and actuality in practice; construction of field and equipment need improving in most university, application of modem teaching means such as multimedia is not popular; quality of most gym master in university is poor, it is necessary to improve their quality in the future.Lastly, the author put up some suggestions for track and field teaching reform in university PE based on development tendency of track and field teaching in the world and our country's situation. Combined the reform of PE in high school, the aim of teaching reform in university is to cultivate gym master who could engage into not only gym teaching but also social guiding. The guiding ideology of "Health First" and "quality education" should be established. In the teaching content, species of field survival should be added based the primary content. In the teaching method and means, exhibiting the dominant effect of teachers and main body effect of students, enlightening teaching method should be used so that culture ability of innovation and personality. We should Improve training PE teachers, update idea and enhance quality of gym teachers.
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