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A Practical Research On Improving Upon The Scientific Research Quality Of Primary School Teachers

Posted on:2004-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H M WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360122960432Subject:Master of Education
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The teachers' quality is the key of actualizing the all-round oriented education,"Teacher is the professional of performing the responsibility of educating & teaching." We can't ensure the quality of educating & teaching without improving teachers' quality. It is a hotspot issue to speed teachers' development and increase teachers' professional quality in the domain of modern education all around the world. With the continuous innovation of educational theory and the unceasing penetration of educational reform, there are more requirements than only on the improvement of teachers' knowledge for teachers' quality.It calls for new pattern of teacher and needs that primary school teachers possess of efficient educational research's ability in modern elementary education. It is the demand of modern social development and the responsibility of laws to carry out educational research. The educational research is the obligation & the right of primary school teachers and the effective approach of teachers' development. Teachers' vitality will come from it. The teachers' future will be combined with the intending teachers by educational research. It is the important guarantee for teachers to possess of favorable scientific research quality in performing educational scientific research, probing into educating & teaching's laws and improving educating & teaching's quality. It's the needs to suit the new elementary educational curriculum reform and promote primary school teacher's professionalization. Scientific research quality has become the important part of modern teacher's quality. Under the circumstances, we carry out the research of primary school teacher's scientific research quality.We use the questionnaire on the primary school's educational scientific research quality to find out the status quo of them. We select the samples from three kinds of primary schools, three schools in each type, summing to 9 schools by layered & stochastic way. We process the data of survey with SPSS 11.0 forwindows and Microsoft Excel 2000. We can realize both the exciting situation and the deficiency from the questionnaire & interview. Many teachers are aware of the significance of research and the imminence of improving scientific research quality. We put forward six strategies, involving inspiring interests, understanding general knowledge, layered cultivation, participant cultivation, real-task and diaphysis cultivation, from the survey and our own experiences. And we apply these strategies in a few primary schools for one and a half years. From the evaluation of the cultivation's result, we can conclude that our strategies of improving primary school teachers' scientific research quality are effective. We can also get beneficial experience from the practical research: * Firstly, renovating the conception by intensifying educational scientific research's consciousness of primary school teachers. * Secondly, inspiring primary school teachers' enthusiasm for the research by administration and encouragement. * Thirdly, exerting the predominance of cooperation by constructing teachers' collectivity. * Fourthly, forming a good basis by the cultivation of research theory. * Lastly, improving the research ability by study.In addition, there are some questions to do more research,that is, the cultivation of to-be teachers, the continuable development of scientific research quality, the improvement of teachers' scientific research quality universally, and so on. It is different from other researches that we bring forward the strategies of improving the primary school teachers' scientific research quality, basing on study the status quo, and had applied the strategies to prove their validity. We hope that our research can do some good to other theoretic and practical research on scientific research quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:primary school teachers, scientific research quality, developmental strategies, practical research
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