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The Preliminary Study On The Development Of Teacher Professionalization In The U.S.A

Posted on:2004-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the 1980s,the teacher professionalization has been a hot issue considered by the worldwide educational researchers, and it has been a current trend in both educational reforms and professional development of teaching profession. The steps of the teacher professionalization taken in China are only initial ones, waiting for confirmation in many aspects. For borrowing the advanced experience and practice abroad, the paper chooses the U.S.A. as an example, introducing its circumstance of the teacher professional development. With plenty of materials and references on those related fields of professionalization home and abroad, the paper attempts to analyze the measures taken by the U.S.A. to improve the teacher professionalization from two dimensions-the inside reforms and outside supports system. In order to realize the teacher professionalization, they have taken some effective measures of reform, not only in the stages of pre-service teacher preparation, induction teacher education, in-service teacher education, but also in the quality assurance system and outside supports system. The U.S.A. has done well in the Professional Development School, induction teacher education and the quality assurance system, which will have inspiration for establishing teachers' professional image, implementation of teacher certificate system and teacher training in the context of Chinese curriculum reform. To realize the teacher professionalization fluently in China, in spite of borrowing the other country's experience, we must base on the unique situation of our country, which is the sole way to realize the teacher professionalization of our own.
Keywords/Search Tags:the teacher professionalization, the U.S.A, teacher education, quality assurance system
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