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Australian Pre-service Teacher Education Internal Quality Assurance System Evolution Research

Posted on:2019-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Education is a basic national undertaking.Talents are the continuous motive force for the development of the country.Teachers are the direct driving force of personnel training.Conducting a depth study of teacher education to explore its development trend and inherent laws is the topic of universal concern.General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed that the driving force of China's economic development in the new normal is shifted from relying mainly on input of resources and low-cost labor to innovation-driven.The direct driving force of innovation is the cultivation of innovative talents.Cultivation of innovative talents depends on education and relies on teachers.With the progress of the times and the development of education globalization,all countries in the world pay more and more attention to the quality of education in their own countries.As a result,teacher education reforms in various countries have also been carried out.All countries attach great importance to improving the academic level of teachers,pay attention to the quality of teacher training,and promote the professional development of teachers,so as to train high-quality personnel.The improvement of the quality of teacher education is necessary both from the perspective of social development,teachers' own progress and the growth of the new generation,and it also benefits for life.Pre-service teacher education is the primary stage of teacher education.It is a crucial period for teachers to become formal educators and gardeners.Whether they can acquire professional knowledge and skills during this crucial period and have deep and solid knowledge is directly related to their future and the professional quality of teaching and self-development.Therefore,all countries attach great importance to pre-service teacher education and carry out a series of reforms on pre-service teacher education.Teacher education in our country started relatively late,which has its own advantages and shortcomings.And there is still a gap with the developed countries.In recent years,with the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards,people pay more and more attention to education and put forward higher requirements on the quality of education in primary and secondary schools,which puts higher demands on teachers accordingly.Therefore,drawing lessons from the education of pre-service teachers indeveloped countries is of guiding significance to our country.Australia was originally a British colony.Since its independence,its education has mainly imitated Britain,including matriculation and apprenticeships.Teacher education has also gone from informal to university.Since the 1950 s and the 1960 s,Australia's economy has developed rapidly and its economic structure has changed.Education has undergone corresponding reforms and the education of teachers has been undermined.During this period,some people proposed to provide external certification of teacher education.With the continuous development of teacher education,a series of reforms have been carried out.Since the 1990 s,Australia aimed at ensuring the quality of pre-service teacher education.Although the education of teachers in education in Australia started relatively early,its rapid development has drawn the universal attention of all countries in the world.Australia not only guarantees the quality of teacher education from the internal structure of teacher education and training,but also establishes a perfect external certification system to ensure the quality of teacher education.This study introduces the system of certification of pre-service teacher education in Australia,the internal quality assurance of teachers' education before and after certification,the internal quality assurance of pre-service teacher education in Australia after certification,and the impact of certification system on pre-service teacher education in Australia.Depending on China's national conditions of teacher education to provide reference.In the process of research,I use the literature research method,historical research method,comparative research method and case study method.In the process of data search,I mainly use Chinese knowledge network and Baidu academic.The foreign language databases used include EBSCO,ERIC,SpringerLink,Google Scholar Search engines and AITSL which is the official website for Australian teacher education.The first chapter mainly introduces the development history of pre-service teacher education in Australia and the measures taken to ensure the quality of education,including schools,teachers,courses,internships,and teaching methods.The second chapter,on the basis of introducing the entire Australia pre-service teacher education accreditation mechanism,including the historical background,goals,standards,processes and procedures of accreditation,and the characteristics of accreditation,selects the Victorian pre-service teacher education accreditation mechanism practice.The certification standards,certification bodies and processes are outlined in two aspects in order to have a clear grasp of Australia's pre-service teacher education certification practice.The third chapter mainly introduces the Australian pre-service teacher education internal quality assurance after certification.It mainly selects the University of Melbourne as a case study.The fourth chapter mainly introduces the impact of certification on the internal quality assurance of pre-service teacher education in Australia.On the basis of the first four chapters,the experience of pre-service teacher education in Australia can be used as a reference for our country in light of China's national conditions.We hope to improve our teacher education through the in-depth study of pre-service teacher education in Australia so as to further improve the quality of teacher education in China.
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