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A Study On The Quality Assurance System Of Teacher Education In New York

Posted on:2017-01-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330485966709Subject:Comparative Education
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Teacher education influences the quality of teachers and teaching. The New York State(NYS) of the United States pays attention to the quality of teachers, and the salary in NYS ranks the first for several years. NYS implements a series of methods to ensure the quality of teacher education, thus its teacher education quality assurance system worth studying.China is transforming from normal education to teacher education, which lacks a complete teacher education quality assurance system. Quality assurance system of teacher education in the United States is improved and complete, and compared to other states, teacher education in NYS has different characteristics and advantages. In this paper, the author sort out and analyze the New York State Teacher Education Quality Assurance System, clarify how it works, add research results in the field of theoretical education, and provide reference to our nation’s teacher education.In this paper, the author uses comparative methods, literature research and field research to analyze a quality assurance system in NYS in three parts-a national teacher education program quality certification standard, the State-level Teacher Certification System and teacher education programs in higher education institutions.The authors believe that the establishment of quality assurance system of teacher education needs all parts work together, unified teacher education quality standards is a prerequisite for the establishment of a reasonable quality assurance system of teacher education, and the introduction of third party professional certification is needed for a teacher education quality assurance system. Hopefully, this paper may provide some reference to the teacher education quality assurance system in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Teacher Education, Teacher Education Program, Quality Assurance
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