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Research On The Difficulties And Countermeasures Of Serving The "Three Rural Issues" At The County Vocational Education Center

Posted on:2016-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S R HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207330470450568Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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The County-level Vocational Education Center coordinating the countyvocational education resources is an important carrier to serving agriculture, ruralareas and farmers, as well as an important foundation of our country to achieveindustrialization, information technology, urbanization and agricultural modernization.A number of policies and regulations stipulate the foundations of serving “agriculture,rural areas and farmers” of County-level Vocational Education Center, but thephenomenon that the County-level Vocational Education Center’ foundation lackedand dislocated is serious. Therefore, to survey the County-level Vocational Center’sdilemma of serving "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", analyze the reasons, putforward countermeasures, play an important role in promoting their own betterdevelopment and serving “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”.This study takes the functions of County-level Vocational Education Center asa starting point, surveying the status quo of the County-level Vocational EducationCenter’s in serving “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” through interviews,analyzing the reasons for the difficulties existed, building the external support systemof the County-level Vocational Education Center serving “agriculture, rural areas andfarmers” based on the advanced experience at home and abroad, and proposinginternal reform measures for the County-level Vocational Education Center.This thesis can be divided into five parts:The first part is the introduction. It describes the issues raised, the significance,definition, literature review, research methods and research ideas etc, in order toprepare the ground for the following studies.The second part is the theory. This section introduces two theoretical basis andthree policy of the the County Vocational Education Center serving “agriculture, ruralareas and farmers”. And according to them it demonstrates the necessity County-levelVocational Education Center serving “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, and putsforward the basic principles which should be followed. The third part is the plight of the investigation. I used to research the farmers offive villages of three counties (area) in Heze City, Shandong Province and thedirectors of five county-level vocational education center, analyzing the status offrom the aspect involving the service basis, service number and time, service contentand services method and analyzing the plight of from recruitment difficulties,financial difficulties, teachers dilemma dilemma.The fourth part is the analysis of the causes. Based on the investigation situation,find out the plight of the county-level vocational education center.This part analysesthe causes from three aspects which include government, farmer and the county-levelvocational education center.The fifth part is countermeasure. This part came up with strategies from twoaspects, building the external support measure and strengthening the internal reformof the County-level Vocational Education Center. The first is to build the externalsupport measure from creating a good social environment, establishing and improvingpolicies and regulations, establishing financial security mechanism andstrengthening government integrated management. The second is to propose reformmeasures from five aspects, adjusting educational philosophy, innovatingmanagement system, adjusting professional structure, strengthening curriculumreform and faculty building, in order to promote the County-level VocationalEducation Center serving “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” better, promotingurbanization and agricultural modernization of China’s development and the newvocational training of farmers further.
Keywords/Search Tags:County Vocational Education Center, three rural, predicament, countermeasure
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