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Study And Advice On The China's Collegial Major-Setup (CCMS)

Posted on:2006-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360152491425Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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21 century is a time that features rapid growth in the digital earth research and science and technology revolution. This trend leads to universal commitment to the reformation on higher education, in which the major setup and course system are specially emphasized. China has set up a "popularized higher education" goal during its transition from planned economy to market economy, which means the public enjoys her higher education, instead of by the elite in the past. But what kind of professionals would universities bring up? Does the major setup fit for the global trend and China's economic transition? This has been an issue to which people pay more and more attention.This paper is designed for the following purposes: Firstly, give a general review and summery on the evolvement and characteristics of CCMS since she was founded in 1949. Secondly, make a simple analysis of the CCMS' purview, value tropism, and the way it brings up professionals. Thirdly, offer advice on the orientation toward which CCMS reform should march compared with American CMS. To achieve above purposes, this paper will follow a guideline as: start with a review for CCMS reform history, then analyze its status quo and compare with American CMS, end up with a strategic advice.Tell ably, discussing CCMS in terms of employment is an important trademark of this paper. In the second chapter, the analysis of CCMS status quo will be deployed in terms of both theoretic and practice. Theoretic here refers to value tropism, while practice refers to employment. As far as CMS is concerned, what's behind it is the employment vision of the graduate from various majors. So one major is selected out of the current 11 to present case study.
Keywords/Search Tags:college, major setup, major-setup right, employment, employment rate
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