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Study On The Development System And The Professionalism Of Kindergarten Teachers Of Research

Posted on:2007-07-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360182461244Subject:Education Management
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With the further development of teaching reform more and more people concentrate on the fact that teachers are becoming the key factor of teaching reform. And it has been our main purpose of the world to care about the improvement of teachers, the teaching specialization and the development of an army of teachers with high quality. It is also true in preschool education which is the basis of lifelong education. We usually put too much stress on how to teach and how to develop children's good behaviors in the past and ignored the importance of teaching specialization. And that lead to a difficult push to preschool education reform. It is extremely urgent for us to train our kindergarten teachers into ones who can be good at thinking and learning, researching and doing practice for a bright future of our national kindergarten education.This paper deals with the quality of kindergarten teachers of research, the factors affecting the development of kindergarten teacher in their professional career, the conditions of their professional career and the right model of developing such teachers according to the requests to the modern kindergarten teachers in their teaching career and their professional career. It also offers a few suggestions on how to develop professional kindergarten teachers, such as the follows, kindergarten teachers should have not only professionalism but also the qualities for the career, the government and the education administrations should support them in policy control and guarantee in their career, kindergarten schools should develop good conditions to satisfy with the career of those professional kindergarten teachers, they should know the ways of developing themselves and we should set up a good system for training them into teachers of research through research and practice.
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