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On Socialization In School-Running Model Of Local University

Posted on:2007-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G N ZhuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360182497647Subject:Principles of Education
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With higher education transforming to popularity ,many local universities comeinto being. It can be predicted that those universities, as a new colony ,with play animportant and special role in talent-cultivation in China. It is a real problem for thoseuniversities how to seek a suitable school-running model. In the process of highereducation's transforming to popularity, the school-running model of local universitycomes to socialization, which is an essential approach to strengthen the popularity oflocal university. The thesis systematically and comprehensive analyzes thesocialization trend of local university, adopting the method of theoretical researchtogether with macro and micro analysis. It is an imminent and practical task for localuniversities to survive from fierce competition and improve their strengthsubstantially and quickly, From the angle of the relationship between socialist marketeconomy and education, the local universities enjoy the advantages of governmentsupport , cultural disparities and regional difference and have the disadvantages ofpoor basis and condition of school –running and lack of funds. In view of thesuccessful experience of foreign school-running mode, the ideas of leadership must berenewed to improve the socialization in school-running mode universities. The thesishelps realize the socialization in school-running mode and exerts a profound influenceon the socialization of local universities.The thesis includes four parts:The first part mainly analyzes the necessity of socialization in school-runningmode of local universities .It briefly states the development of the research inschool-running model of higher education in China, defines the notion of model andcompares model and form, model and system, and model and mechanism. On thisbasis, it elaborates the specialty, advantage and disadvantage of the socialization inschool-running model of local schools , Finally, it puts forwards a series of problems,compared with foreign model of school-running.The second part elaborates the history, present situation and existing problem ofthe socialization in school-running model of local universities in China. First,historically, it reviews the preliminary and further reform of the socialization inschool-running model of local universities. Second, it expands the present situation,new development and existing problem of the socialization in school-running modelof local universities.The third part concerns how to improve and perfect the socialization inschool-running. It specifically expounds the relationship between the socialization andregions, and between socialization and the need of economic improvement.The fourth part puts forward the measures to improve and perfect thesocialization in school-running model of local universities in China. First, thoughtsand ideas must be renewed to lay the thinking foundation. Second, objectivemanagement should be carried out, and the system and mechanism should bereformed. Third, the reform model should be chosen carefully, according to the reality,Four, seeking truth from fact and exploring effective approaches.
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