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Research On The Characteristics Of Running Newly-built Local Universities

Posted on:2018-11-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G B WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330518964251Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Newly-built Local Universities are a very important part of higher education in our country.With the popularization of higher education,the development of Newly-built Local Universities are growing rapidly and the number is increasing.It plays an important role in the transformation of higher education from elite to popular in our country.But these Newly-built Local Universities is in the bottom of undergraduate education in our education system.There are "985","211" colleges and colleges and undergraduate colleges,under the vocational colleges,especially the distinctive "national model higher vocational colleges",living in the "caught" among the former "cut" After the "pursuers",the situation is more difficult.In the popularization of higher education today,in the highly competitive higher education today if Newly-built Local Universities want to survive and develop,we must get rid of the old model of the shackles,embarked on a rational development track,integration of resources,to do the characteristics,to achieve their own Healthy and sustainable development and growth.This article from the theory and practice two levels of new local colleges and universities how to do the characteristics.Around this theme,this paper mainly uses the case analysis method,the literature analysis method,the method of visiting the survey method.Firstly,it clarifies the characteristics and characteristics of the Newly-built Local Universities,and analyzes the advantages,disadvantages,environmental opportunities and environmental threats of the newly built local colleges and universities based on the theory of the popularization of higher education and the theory of niche.,Then the author through the school with the characteristics of Qinzhou College of all-round analysis,to explore the Newly-built Local Universities to run the school characteristics of the strategy.Among them,the characteristics of concise school is the premise;construction characteristics of the subject is the carrier;the development of characteristics of personnel training mode is the path;complete university governance system is guaranteed.As a development strategy of colleges and universities,on the one hand,it is helpful to promote the classification development of colleges and universities,optimize the structure of higher education in our country,promote the improvement of the overall strength of Newly-built Local Universities and make it better for local economic development,Resource allocation to provide strong intellectual support.At the same time,I also hope that through the study of new undergraduate institutions,can cause the national education sector of these institutions concerned,to be more resources into the construction of these institutions,and standardize the management of these institutions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Newly-built Local Universities, SWOT analysis, school-running characteristic
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