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A Research On The Applied-Type Talent-Cultivating Models Of Undergraduate Education In Independent College

Posted on:2007-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360182980393Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Independent college is a new thing in China. It also is the special one in China: joint the advanced educational resource and the personal capital. The developped speed of Independent college is very fast. The quantities increased very fast, from teens to the four hundred from the end of 90's to 2006. The model of talent cultivation is the most important question for Independent college. As a new star, Independent colleges have many questions waited for improving. The question of its cultivating-mode is also the most important. So this paper discussed the independent colleges' model of training talent. Borrowed from the advanced model in applied talent of developed countries, and compared the model between independent colleges and common under graduated college.The paper firstly points out the special characters of the applied talent cultivation mode compared with the higher occupation education and the common undergraduate education, and defines the connotation and extension of the talent cultivation mode in higher education and its main characters, such as example, system, medium and entire process, etc., and elaborates the opposite-unifying relation between the character of unifying-example and variety about the talent cultivation mode, all above of these have made a good prepare for the following elaboration. Then, the writer discussed the appearance of independent colleges. The fourth paragraph discussed the special features of applied talent mode of independent college. As to talent cultivation, it should be lead by our country's current higher education policy, modern education concept and the idea of combing quality education with occupation education, and should insist on the development of age, subject and the higher education in accordance;and should insist on the best cultivation system;and should put ability at the first place;and should insist on the cultivation principle which combines with the local and regional features and define the goal and requirement of profession-applied talent cultivation, occupation direction and profession direction etc.. About the requirement for the graduates, it can be generalized as three aspects, which are knowledge, ability, occupation moral and value conception;any one of these three aspectsshould be neglected. Furthermore, about the cultivation mode, the author also noticed the education, which occurs in holidays practice, the second class and the campus culture's important effect on the talent cultivation. In the fifth part, the paper gives out some concrete practical proposals to the cultivation mode, such as education concept, education style, teaching method, examination method, the faculty, cooperation on production and education, education administration and quality assessment, teaching features and the renewing mechanism of cultivation mode. At the last part, the author gives out a simple summary.In a word, the writer hopes this paper can do something for the Independent colleges in model of training talent.
Keywords/Search Tags:Independent colleges, cultivating Models, applied talent of under graduated level, construct
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