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The Comparing Study Of Curricullum Setting Of Higher Vocational And Technical Education In China And Foureign Courtries

Posted on:2007-10-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:A Z RenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360212465124Subject:Higher Education
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For filling with the requirements of capacity, complex and creative person in modern world, there are a number of curricular transformations in Higher Vocational Education, with lifetime education as their ideals, and capacity-based education and the adaptation of the students as their contents in the world. The transformation would make a great movement in the vocational education from"education theory"to"learning theory", from"influencing by experts"to"influencing by the needs of consumers", from"knowledge-based education"to"capacity-based education". The achievements that Germany, Australia and Japan had got in Vocational Education attribute to the rationality of the curriculums of Higher Vocational Education. Researching and adopting in curriculums of Higher Vocational Education of other countries should attain great values for us. In this article, I compare the curriculums of China, Taiwan, Germany, Japan and Australia; summarize the characters of each one; get some constructive experiences and suggestions from them. Finally, I make the conclusion that the curriculums of Higher Vocational Education in our China should be capacity-based, and emphasis on the key capacity of students, which is suitable for the situations of China.
Keywords/Search Tags:higher vocational education, curriculum setting, comparing education, capacity-based
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