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A Study Of The Curriculum Setting Optimization Of Higher Vocational Education

Posted on:2010-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J G ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360278968422Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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With China's economy development, science and technology advancement and industrial structure upgrade, a lot more is expected and required of the society's talented people. Curriculum setting is the overall program of educational activity which is aimed at achieving the goal of producing talented people. Reform must be carried out in its curriculum setting if higher vocational education is to meet the needs of development and turn out for the society better talented people. The curriculum setting optimization of higher vocational education, however, is the vital part in this reform. Study of curriculum setting optimization of higher vocational education, therefore, will rationalize curriculum structure, upgrade its contents and scientific data currently employed by higher vocational colleges, thus facilitating achieving the goal set by higher vocational education, promoting the quality and efficiency of training talented people, and stepping up the perfection and further development of higher vocational education.After extensive reading and exhaustive research into relevant literature, this paper arrives at the conclusion that the curriculum setting optimization is a dynamic process of maximizing the value of curriculum, which, nonetheless, is subjected to the influence and restriction of such factors as social demand and educational goal. The ultimate goal of optimizing curriculum setting lies in the relative rationalization of curriculum setting and maximization of curriculum value.Before the embarkation upon the study of curriculum setting optimization of higher vocational education, first its theoretical basis must be located and its standard established. It is only through extensive reading of relevant literature of various sources (including the library, the Net, and bookstores), that the theoretical basis is obtained, i.e., the principle of system theory, the developmental view of all-round development, the trend of the reform of curriculum structural optimization of higher vocational education, as well as the interrelationship between social needs, educational goal and curriculum setting. The standard of the curriculum setting rationalization consists of five factors, including whether educational goals can be achieved and whether students' employment needs can be satisfied. This is the novelty of this paper.Thereafter this paper cites the instance of some auto maintenance classes of Zhejiang's higher vocational colleges, after thorough investigation of the current situation of auto maintenance classes of eight higher vocational colleges in this province and extensive analysis of relevant literature regarding curriculum setting, this paper generalizes the principal problems in China's current curriculum setting of higher vocational education, and makes a brief analysis into its causes.Base on the above conclusion, this paper proposes some effective measures to optimize China' curriculum setting in higher vocational colleges, and corroborates the conclusion by making a practical case study of the auto maintenance classes of Zhejiang's higher vocational colleges. Through the study of the employment of auto maintenance graduates of Zhejiang's higher vocational colleges, combined with the research of the conditions of auto maintenance workers and Zhejiang's economic development, this paper attempts to relocate the educational goal of Zhejiang's higher vocational college and, based on the balance of theory and practice, puts forward a basic frame of the curriculum setting optimization of Zhejiang's higher vocational colleges. Thereafter, this paper carries out some work(of counsel, appraisal of the optimizing program on the expert's advice) , sift through its contents, and finally establishes this system. This part constitutes both the essential and difficult part of this thesis.The study on this issue not only aids in enriching the theoretical system of curriculum setting optimization of higher vocational colleges, but also offers a concrete reference program for the implementation of it. Moreover, it is of essential significance in that it will help meet the challenges brought by economic system reform, industrial setting upgrade, science and technology advancement, and curriculum mentality development, and help reduce and eliminate the disparity between educational results and actual social needs. It must be noted, however, that this paper simply makes a tentative attempt. Future research and study should focus on the deepening and perfection of the theoretical basis and practical mode, introduction of quantitative measure into the study of curriculum setting optimization of higher vocational colleges, and demonstrative analysis of its effects.
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