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A Study On Constructing A Quality Assurance System For Undergraduate Teaching At Regular Higher Institutions

Posted on:2008-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360212491063Subject:Higher Education
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With the change of China's higher education itself, and that of the relationship between colleges, universities and society, there emerges the notion of undergraduate teaching quality guarantee in colleges and universities as a new set of ideas and methods about the undergraduate teaching quality management. The expansion of higher education and its effect and the reformation of higher education management system have all called for necessary changes of the present teaching quality management in our colleges and universities. The higher education authorities have also repeatedly demanded the establishment of a system to assure the teaching quality. In such a case, various colleges and universities began to explore the models of the establishment of the teaching quality assurance system. And this is a complex and systematic project. Based on the analysis of those correlative theories and the process of its establishment in the case of the university, the paper finally puts forward some relevant countermeasures and suggestions.The paper is made up of four chapters.The first chapter discusses the connotation of the undergraduate teaching quality guarantee system, introduces the background of the formation of its ideas, and analyses the characteristics of this system. It also studies the ideological and theoretical basis of the establishment of the system.The second chapter makes a theoretical analysis of the establishment of the undergraduate teaching quality guarantee system. This work gains drive inside and outside of the system itself, and it would face some resistance. The subject of the establishment is colleges and universities, while the object is different systems, procedures, norms and culture involved. The whole system is made up of several sub-systems.The third chapter focuses its study on the course of the establishment of the undergraduate teaching quality guarantee system in the case of the university. It analyses its causes, describes its concrete process, and summarizes its characteristics.The last chapter sums up the experiences and the corresponding problems. On the basis of the theoretical and practical study above, the paper gives some suggestions of improving the further establishment of the teaching quality assurance system in colleges and universities.
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