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Research On Job Satisfaction And Turnover Intention Of Chinese Local University Qualified Personnel

Posted on:2008-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X F ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360212972953Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In recent years, Chinese local university has been troubled by the problem of excessive'brain drain'. Universities adopt polices to attract and retain the qualified personnel, but the result was not satisfactory. In view of the fact as above, this paper analyses the qualified personnel's job satisfaction and turnover intention to provide a way for resolve brain drain.At present, the research about the field of job satisfaction and turnover intention in West Country is roundly, but in domestic it is focused on enterprises and rarely in university. Moreover, the research of it for local university's qualified personnel is zero. The results of those researches are the job satisfaction factors, the relation between job satisfaction and turnover intention, and difference of personal attributes on the job satisfaction factors.In order to acquire the original data, this study designs two surveys in the first half of 2006, which object is a typical local university. One is examination of job satisfaction factors and it's relation with turnover intention by applying the Principle Components Analysis and differences of personal attributes on the job satisfaction factors by Analysis of Variance. The other, which was designed by the reference of SERVQUAL and the result of first questionnaire, is the overall evaluation of job satisfaction and ranking of job satisfaction factors by applying the'Triangle Fuzzy Data'. Based on the research, this paper hope to rich theories of job satisfaction and turnover intention, and provide some countermeasures for the local university.The main results of this study are: 1. Chinese local university qualified personnel's job satisfaction dimensions include six parts, which are named as'job return','team-work','job Incentive','job health','task'and'interpersonal'.2. Job return and Team-work can notable forecast the turnover intention.3. In view of overall evaluating the job satisfaction, this study gets the grade of job satisfaction for the research object and the factors of job satisfaction are ranked by the grade. 4. On the basis of the research result, this paper approaches eight countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Job Satisfaction, Turnover Intention, Triangle Fuzzy Data, SERVQUAL, University Qualified Personnel
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