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Research On Constructing And Evaluating The Norm Of Teaching Ability Of Physical Education Majors Specialized In Track And Field

Posted on:2008-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360212995069Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Teaching ability is one of the most of demanding ability for physical education majors specialized in track and field。It is a thorny problem for track and field education to give an objective and correct evaluation of the teaching ability of physical education majors specialized in track and field so that their teaching ability could achieve an overall improvement。By literature study , consultation with experts , questionnaires investigation , mathematical statistics , layer analysis and multi-layer equivocal mathematics evaluation,works out a teaching ability norm and teaching ability evaluation system for physical education majors specialized in track and field,the hope will be able to provide the certain theory basis for the following track and field teaching。The results of the study showed :(1) The construction of track and field teaching ability evaluation system should abide by the principle of being scientific,overall,pointed, commeasurable, directivity and feasible.(2) Track and field teaching ability is a mutually relates multi-level system with moral education ability, teaching design ability, teaching implement ability, teaching appraisal ability,teaching synthesizing ability, actual operation ability as the bases。(3)The track and field teaching ability appraisal system takes the system theory thought and the teaching thought as the theory instruction, follows the education appraisal the principle and the method formulation.(4)The track and field teaching ability fuzzy synthesis judgmentSystem could access students ' track and field teaching ability scientifically and Comprehensively。It Can be instruct the track and field teaching practice, will provide the theory instruction to the next teaching.
Keywords/Search Tags:physical education, track and field majors, teaching ablity, evaluation
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