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The Application Of History Movie And Teleplay In The History Teaching Of High School

Posted on:2008-04-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In 2003,"The Standards of High School History Curriculum" (Experimental)has gradually implemented in our country.Teaching high school history curriculum reform experiment started,in this reform experiment.The reform experiment of the teaching high school history curriculum started.In this reform experiment,television history works has been more and more concerned by the workers of the practice of the teaching of history,and has made some research achievements.This paper from the previous study,based on a history of film and television works best features--direct,vivid and specific,image.It will be part of historical events and historical figures vividly "rendition".While such features and knowledge of history characteristics,it is found that history really can not happen again or,Students not directly experienced, felt or observed the course of history,people's understanding of history often is based on the existing heritage,Literature data reasoning results. These predecessors of the historical interpretation became students is still can not be seen or touched,knowledge of history.And the history of film and television works are used for modern audio-visual technology "to capture" the course of history,so that students specific,image perception of history,historical film and television works can be applied to teaching high school history,and enhance its attractiveness. This paper presents a practical study of the history of film and television works results According to the arts in education and history of film and television works on the basis of definition,Analysis of the history of film and television works for the basic teaching of history,that is the real historical figures or historical events for creative purposes of the outstanding film and television works.Why should take advantage of historical film and television works supporting the teaching of history? First,other countries and regions already widely used,and has made a lot of research on how to apply the results.Second,students who are on the mental,cognitive level to the use of historical development need the film and television works.The third one is that the new curriculum standards gain referred to the historical use of video works,Television makes use of the historical works to improve the teaching of history has become the new curriculum reform experiment of a trend.History of film and television works in the teaching of history from various applications can improve the teaching of history.First of all,It can enhance their teaching abilities and teaching level.Secondly,it can attract students interested in the study of history,to help students develop good study habits,it is generally believed that interest is the best teacher of students' learning,which prompted interest in the students right historical figures and events consciously thinking,class will pay more attention to the lectures,after class,will be reading some of the history books.Moreover,due to historical film and television works as a visual art,Sometimes their performance,which will be largely over the teaching of history,the long-time this happens,It could enhance students the historical phenomenon of cognitive ability,Television history also works for teaching to enhance students knowledge of the history of the effective memory,and,Television history is the work itself scriptwriter,director of emotional expression,and historical figures and events often become emotional education for the best materials,thus history of film and television works of the historical application of the classroom to enhance emotional education,Such a feeling Education is a "seeing is believing" emotional education.Finally history of film and television works as an art,through pictures,background music,white figures such as performance art practices for high school students early aesthetic ability.Film and television works of history for the teaching of history is the new curriculum reform experiment in a trend,then how to operate? The first is a requirement for the screening of the film and television works facilities.Second,teachers need extensive collection available historical film and television works and proper "clips" for the best use of television programs and movies to prepare lesson plans,followed by screening of video works of history,In this process the necessary requirements on teachers to make students more clearly understand the content and video content.Television works of history has always been an auxiliary means to teaching of history,the use of the historical film and television works is only for achieving the purpose of instruction,so its role should not be exaggerated.On the other hand,Television history works itself has a number of shortcomings,including students brought to refuse information,the dissemination of false history inadequate,So we use history in film and television works supporting the teaching of history, we must pay attention to these issues and situations.Television history works better to help achieve history teaching purposes,to the effectiveness of teaching.
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