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Research On The Influences By The View Of Employment Obtaining To The Migrant Worker's Employment Quality

Posted on:2009-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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the peasant laborer is a new labor army who in our country reform and open policy and the industrialization, the urbanization advancement emerge. The massive farmers enter a city to work or in the Rural enterprise employment, has made the important contributions for our country modernization. The country dweller goes out massively to urban and the developed local doing business work, was also one of recent years social sciences research attention topics, disciplines as well as the government Department concerned, the foreign aid project worker and so on economic, demography, sociology, politics, urban geography and so on from the respective angle, used ways and so on synthesis investigation, case study and special study has launched the research to this phenomenon and the crowd. At present the educational world attention's key point is the urban peasant laborer's living condition, the basic right suffers injury as well as the maintenance situation, as well as the urban peasant laborer's city integrates the question, studies regarding peasant laborer's choosing profession view few. This article obtains the theory, the rational choice theory by the status to take the theory support, in the analyze data data's foundation, summarized peasant laborer's choosing profession idea as well as the existence question, is mainly seeks employment the manner to be too passive, expected income horizontal excessively higher, discusses the peasant laborer to choose profession the idea to its employment quality influence, will obtain peasant laborer's employment idea to affect peasant laborer's future occupation professional prestige, will affect the income level, and will affect its life degree of satisfaction finally the conclusion. In makes the simple explanation after in the article some data processing question, proposed helps the peasant laborer to abandon in the choosing profession view the obsolete conservative ingredient, sets up the correct choosing profession view, improves the employment quality the countermeasure suggestion.
Keywords/Search Tags:The peasant laborer' views of employment obtaining, The status obtains, Rational choice, Employment quality
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