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The Research On The Prevention And Control Of Violence In Primary And Middle Schools In Moral Education

Posted on:2018-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330518975407Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The campus is a civilized temple,is full of sunshine and rain.In recent years,the abuse,beating,threat,intimidation,even disability,disappearance and death of teachers and students between teachers and students in campus and surrounding schools seriously affected the physical safety,mental health and property loss of teachers and students,also affected the normal teaching,scientific research and living order of the school,and brought great distress to teachers,students,parents and other social people to study,work and live.Campus violence has become a public safety and social problem of public concern,which is also the common management and solution of school education,family education and social education.Based on the collation and analysis of the domestic and foreign research on campus violence prevention and control,three primary and secondary school teachers and students in a district of Nan ning city are selected as the object of investigation.firstly,the current situation of campus violence in primary and secondary schools in Nan ning city is analyzed The second is to analyze the root causes of school violence in primary and secondary schools,only to correctly understand the root causes of campus violence,can the right medicine.The root causes of campus violence include personal,family,school and society.Individual factors include lack of personality,weak legal consciousness,and their own violent tendency;Family factors mainly include parental violence,inappropriate parenting styles of parents and other guardians,defects of family structure,etc.;The main reasons of school are the education atmosphere,the way and content of moral education,the influence of teachers and peers,the lack of effective communication between teachers and students;The social reasons mainly include the influence of violent culture,the influence of network media,the influence of social peripheral environment,etc.Third,it expounds the harm of school violence in primary and secondary schools on the individual,family,school and society of the aggressor and the victim.The fourth is to discuss what work and effectiveness of moral education in primary and secondary schools on campus violence,and point out the problems and shortcomings of the prevention and control of campus violence in primary and secondary schools.Based on the above analysis,the moral education function puts forward the prevention and control countermeasures of primary and secondary school campus violence,namely to establish themoral education concept,moral education,to further strengthen the construction of moral education teachers,to establish and improve campus violence prevention and control system,the establishment of " school-family-society" moral network,formation of educational synergies,rich moral activities,strengthen public guidance,to create a harmonious campus.Campus violence is a safe problem that can not be ignored in school management,and it is also an important part of school management.The school how to play the moral function of the function of campus violence control,to find and analyze the root of campus violence,can put forward effective countermeasures of campus violence prevention and control.Campus violence can not be eradicated,but through the function of moral education to prevent or reduce the occurrence of primary and secondary school campus violence,to find the moral education in campus violence prevention and control problems and shortcomings,and put forward the corresponding countermeasures.
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