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The Study On Position Of Newly-established Local Colleges

Posted on:2009-12-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360245959392Subject:Higher Education
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With the deep reform and development of Chinese higher education, local colleges gradually become the focus of people,especially the newly-established ones which act as the main channel of cultivating talents for local economic development. During the fiercely competitive of education market,what are the essential problems exiting in schooling position? How to make its specialty through reasonably position? The former problems are waiting for being solved in the theoretical and practical field of Chinese education. Therefore, the study on the position of newly-established local colleges is valuable and practical.This thesis is composed of three parts excluding introduction.Part one analyzes the major problems and causes of Chinese newly-established local colleges'position with theories and practice. Based on"principles of outer educational relationships","theory of the social function of colleges"and"theory on the popularization of higher education", the positioning problems are discussed, including the inter causes and outer causes. The major problems existing in newly-established colleges are: the objects of positioning are vague; the dislocation of schooling type and level; the setting subjects are similar, which cannot adapt the local economic development. The outer causes that make this kind of issue lie in the higher centered higher educational management and operation system and the lack of autonomous schooling right; the evaluating system of management is defect; unsound market competitive system results in disordered competition among colleges; unreasonable ways of equipments setting and strategies; while the inner causes are the views of stressing learning but not studying; the pursuit of big school and complete majors under the drive of economic interests.The second part carding the forming and developing procedure as well as the subjects positioning characteristics in American State Universities explores their enlightenment on Chinese newly-established local colleges in positioning. The United States is one of the most developed countries in higher education,whose prosperity is closely related with its reasonable schooling position, and its varied,autonomous,serving,competitive features. These developments bear enlightening meaning in the Chinese colleges positioning of schooling type, subjects, serving goals, educating objects, schooling specialty, etc.In the third part, it focuses on the strategic outlook on reasonable positioning of newly-established local colleges, which should be guided under the scientific development. The thesis ensures the major basis of these new colleges, stipulates the specific principles including the principles of classification and location,principles of object-orientation, market competitive principles, academic autonomy,differentiation advantage principles to build new local colleges. What's more, the judgment form of reasonably positioning is presented.The paper analyzes the main problems and its causes of Chinese newly-established local colleges with theory with practice by way of literature, comparison, and investigation and so forth,referring to the successful experiences of American state universities, based on which, the strategic ponder on reasonable positioning of Chinese newly-established local colleges is made.
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