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Theoretical And Practical Research On Life Meaning Education Of Higher Vocational Students

Posted on:2010-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L LuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360275484512Subject:Ideological and political education
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What do people live for? This is a long-lasting issue, which we will never stop exploring. Human being is a kind of immaterial animal and seeking for the living meaning is our unique characteristic and symbol of healthy psychology. But in this well-off society with material demands fully satisfied, lack of living purpose often leads to mental distress. More and more people suffer"existential vacuum symptom", which appears in the form of target disorientation, crisis of belief, self-denial and some other crisis of meaning. This symptom also exists among college students, especially among higher vocational students,who failed in their college entrance examination. How to make the students shake off the"existential vacuum"and get onto the meaningful life road is the purpose of this research.Through document research, this research seeks for the theoretical foundation of Life Meaning Education of higher vocational students from the documents at all times and in all lands. Meanwhile it also discusses the definition, functions, aims, principles and contents of Life Meaning Education for higher vocational students and probes into life targets and characteristics of value orientation for higher vocational students through questionnaire survey. Moreover it explores the ways, methods and general operational process of Life Meaning Education of higher vocational students through action research method. Finally, with the combination of the current situation of higher vocational students in China, it builds up primarily the operational theoretical system under the guidance of Karl Marx's theory on human all-round development and human theories of value, and Victor Victor Frankl's logotherapy as the most important reference.Life Meaning Education of higher vocational students keeps an eye on the inner psychological demands of higher vocational students, through exploiting their potential and setting goals. In the process of"innovation","love experience","hardship endurance","live in the present","the meaning of ultimate concern", Life Meaning Education aims to lead vocational students to find, experience and obtain life meaning, and thus motivates them to seek for life meaning, rebuilds their spiritual backbone and finally improves their psychological health, moral state of being and life value. Life Meaning Education of higher vocational enriches college moral education,innovates the methods of ideological and political education and improves the effectiveness of moral education.
Keywords/Search Tags:Life Meaning Education, Life meaning, Higher vocational students
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