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The Relationship Of Life Meaning And Life Pressure To The Life Adjustment For The University Students

Posted on:2010-06-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360278996686Subject:Applied Psychology
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In social development, the progress of civilization and the process of the advancement of technology, college students have charged with the important mission of training. Many students have more and more attention only on the development of the subjects, and ignore the moral education and psychological health education, which maks students feel that the life is boring,and they do not love studying. In addition, social, family and many other factors, students with the many contradictions between the society came into being.The main purpose of this study was the sense of university students the life meaning ,the life stress to adapt to the current situation and related factors in Lanzhou City.The body is divided into five parts, respectively on the first part of the background, motivation, purpose, research questions, important terms explained, as well as domestic and international research literature; the second is for the problem with the study design; Part three is divided into research and analysis;The fourth is into the conclusions and recommendations; The fifth part is of the scope and limitations for the whole study. Through a questionnaire survey of the 500 colleges students in four universitys of Lanzhou City to carry out the meaning of life a sense of stress and living life to adapt to the status of investigation and research carried out on data obtained from the descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, regression analysis and statistical methods to draw conclusion.College students with a view to establish a positive attitude to life, good adaptability to improve college teachers and related counseling.The findings indicated: (1) different background dimension university students life meaning have not remarkable difference; (2) life pressure non-significance difference on different background; (3) the different background dimension student's life adaptation has the difference to be remarkable; (4) the life meaning and the life pressure are not remarkable. (5) the life meaning and the life adapt remarkable (r=0.416) related; (6) lives the pressure and the life adapts related (r=0.270) obviously. (7) the student life meaning and the life pressure have the union forecast function to its life adaptation, the whole forecast strength is 22.9﹪, the standardization regression equation is: the life adapts = the life significance feeling×0.472+ life pressure×0.299+1.020...
Keywords/Search Tags:life meaning, life stress, life adjustment, college students
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