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Research On The Balance Between Labor Market And Educational Opportunities For Market

Posted on:2010-10-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Z LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360275952032Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Generally speaking, people must invest in education is based on the material or the material for the expected return on the premise that when this premise is in a state of uncertainty, people will inevitably choose to reduce investment in education or selection of investment in education. Our country from the end of the century up to take on higher education expansion policy in order to achieve the near future as soon as possible to enhance the quality of our people and promote economic development purposes. However, the expansion rate of colleges and universities with educational resources and input speed and the pace of economic development to maintain consistent interaction, which leads to educational opportunities for the market and the labor market in line between the supply and demand in order to trigger a number of social conflicts. To explore the causes of these contradictions, we must go deep into the education process linking the starting point and end point of the two market research on the relationship between the two.Educational opportunities for the market and the labor market are linking the educational process will start and end, institutions of higher learning are the two markets linked sites, does not mean that there is good starting point for good end does not mean the end of the starting point. Investment in education, like other economic behavior, like a similar trajectory, when the return to education can not be guaranteed, the investment in education decision-making will be difficult to make. However, the Education Service as a fusion product with the general merchandise do not have the characteristics, which requires differential treatment of its people.Educational opportunities for the market and want to maintain the labor market at a relatively balanced state in order to exercise to ensure that the education process in the operation of a benign status, or by both the market dislocation caused by social conflicts can not be resolved. Educational opportunities for the market and the labor market to maintain a balanced status between the two is based on market supply and demand balance within the premise that when educational opportunities for the market and the labor market have reached an internal equilibrium, these two markets the principal stakeholders - government, employing units, colleges and universities, graduates of the price mechanism through education and the diploma signal transduction mechanisms regulating the market and educational opportunities will make the labor market into a balanced status.Thus, according to China's national conditions and educational status quo, the Government should continue to accelerate the supply of educational opportunities must also increase the input of educational resources, institutions of higher learning based on system policies on the full use of educational resources to improve the overall quality of graduates that employers want to establish scientific and rational use mechanism, the students want to set up standards for exposure to study rather than a standard diploma for the study concept study.
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