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Dissipative Structure Theory From The Perspective Of Chinese Students Study The Development Trend Volleyball League

Posted on:2010-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360278974363Subject:Physical Education and Training
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As the very item which rushed out of Asia to the world and obtained great achievement, Volleyball game has already became one of the most bent activities for university students. Chinese college volleyball league (CUVA) is a new thing in China, not the formation of a better organizational structure, operation mechanism and management system, at-governmental organizations are carried out under this college volleyball league and have a great deal of restraint custody. So far in 2006 from the Chinese university students organized volleyball league is also a continuous learning, development and growth process. In this case, how to promote the Chinese Volleyball League college students healthy growth and sustainable development no doubt will become the great challenges currently facing.In this paper, the use of research methods are: literature, comparative analysis, logical reasoning method, survey method, questionnaire survey method.In this paper, the national volleyball league for university study, conducted an investigation of its status quo analysis, summed up the problem reflected. Investigate the status quo include: CUVA the organization and management; CUVA the current system is reasonable; CUVA the possibility of taking an open road; CUVA market status quo. Reflected the main questions are: managers at all levels of the league too much restraint; League insufficient funds; race organization is relatively easy, game management, the environment, time and venue arrangements have a lot of deficiencies; game ineffective publicity; athletes enthusiasm is not high, combined with the lack of race and culture; athletes training learn the more prominent the issue of race and so on.Based on the Chinese Volleyball League college students a detailed overview of running and restricting China's competitive level of college volleyball league factor analysis of Chinese college volleyball league on the development trend that is running the league system with the evolution of self-organized environment for the development of factors and conditions, the participating schools and competition among athletes and collaboration are the evolution of the development of its power, and in the process produced a portrait of the league and orderly macro level of order parameter—"higher, faster, stronger" atmosphere, the order parameter also counter-productive in the league in all subsystems, constitute a circle of interaction, in order to achieve better "precursors education combined" to create a harmonious environment and security, to rely on their own internal forces generated dissipative structure has been Time waits for no man, to promote its move toward the evolution of the development of self-organization.In this paper, the theory of dissipative structure of the six areas to describe the formation of dissipative structure CUVA. The six areas are: to maintain an open system; system must be far away from the equilibrium state and are dynamic; system non-linear interaction; active use of the fluctuation mechanism; existence of positive feedback system, as well as the complexity of the scientific way of thinking of self-excitation Organization of revelations. Study proved to have CUVA dissipative structure can have a better vitality and energy will help the development of CUVA better.This article suggested that the Chinese Students Association and the Volleyball ball CUVA League management committee should be given more freedom and space, to follow the evolution of the league system of self-organizing laws, reduce man-made interference improve the level of competition; to establish a people-oriented thought, and create good conditions, to promote competition between athletes and exchanges; effectively resolve tournament training college athletes learn the obvious contradiction between the questions. CUBA League assurance Healthy and sustainable development.
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