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An Empirical Study On The Employment Of College Graduates

Posted on:2011-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360308454868Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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College graduates are the precious human resources of a country as well as the fresh troops of the Socialist Modernization. The proper allocation and utilization of the human resources of college graduates is an essential job to implement the Gist of the 17th CPC Congress, practice the Scientific Development Concept and build the harmonious society. The issue on the college students'employment is an economic, technological, social and political issue. It is a systematical project, comprehensively indicating a lot of social elements including the National macro economy, society developing environment, talents training, professional structure, employment strategy, employment methods and employment ideas. As a worker in educational fields responsible for graduates employment, I understand that the urgency and importance of this job.In light of my own working experience, this paper describes the current condition of graduates'employment, analysis the survey of the graduates from Hebei University of Business and Economics (hereinafter"HUBE") and concludes all kinds of elements that affect this issue. Through application of linear trend prediction method,this paper constructs a Demand Forecast Model for college graduates to predict and study the graduates market. The model explains the questions of college graduates'employment. It treats said question, studies how to save the cost and time and implement better employment. Meanwhile, it borrows the example of HUBE and study the employment issue in detailed practice.Based on the above theoretical study, this paper also brings some countermeasures to deal with the current employment problems of college graduates as in the follows: First, free the graduates from old ideas and transit the previous conceptions of graduates'employment; Second, put in more efforts on employment guide and enhance the employment capacity of the graduates; Third, the graduates should improve themselves constantly and enhance their competitiveness; Last but not least, improve the internet construction of employment information and improve the working efficiency. Taking HUBE for example, this paper concludes the methods and measures in the respect of employment guide and service in this college, some of which worth referencing. As to the purport, this paper is aiming to bring out specific employment measures, provide some guiding suggestion and assist the graduates to successfully find their jobs, in the way of analyzing current situation on the basis of theoretical study.
Keywords/Search Tags:Employment, Employment of college graduates, Employment capacity, Quality of employment, Application of linear trend prediction
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