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Research On Government 's Social Organization Undertaking Government Public Service Outsourcing

Posted on:2015-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C H ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330431471498Subject:Administrative Management
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With the rapid development and great success of our country’s market economy, the high efficiency of resource allocation brought by mercerization has made the deep impression to us, the researchers confusing on government reform. On the issue of government management and government public service supply, we are more inclined to importing market techniques, particularly public service outsourcing has made great success which calls us to accelerate the work. Many places begin to carry out public service outsourcing and have achieved preliminary achievement. However public service outsourcing fails to be undertaken well, allowing for the lagging behind of our social organizations, which limits the development of public service outsourcing. What’s worse, the backward of public service outsourcing in turn hinders the development of social organizations, leading that the Chinese social organization size always belongs to low level. This seems to be a difficult dilemma. This paper will start here trying to uncover the perplexing internal relation between the outsourcing of public service and the development of social organization, exploring new ways for the social organizations in our country to undertake government’s public service outsourcing.This thesis starts with an introduction which mainly expounds the reasons and significance of the topic, the current situation of the research at home and abroad and the emphasis of the paper. Then the first chapter falls to the basic concept and basic theory, defining the meaning and characteristic of the social organization and the outsourcing of public service, sorting out some elaborations of the principal-agent theory and other related theory, which lay the theoretical foundation for the following parts, therefore helping comprehend the whole text. Followed is the second chapter, an analysis of the current situation of China’s social organizations to undertake the outsourcing of public service. Through the general idea of the preliminary progress of social organizations in our country to undertake public service outsourcing and some practice of the typical area, the part lays the foundation for the analysis of obstruction in the fourth chapter. The third chapter focuses on the analysis of the social organizations in our country to undertake the obstruction of public service outsourcing and the development related to insufficient, inherent in the concept of original constraints, institutional inertia and reality problem four reasons are analyzed. The fourth chapter vision will be extended to other countries and regions, by the study of their practice, summarizes four enlightenments to change China’s current development predicament, namely the development of social organization’s foundation, in addition the outsourcing of public service according to law degrees, and the need to undertake a feasible operation mechanism and solid security policy system environment. The last part, through the above analysis, discusses the ways of developing of social organizations to undertake public service outsourcing from such aspects as social organization cultivation, government decentralization, docking mechanism and supporting system construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social organization, Transform government functions, The outsourcing ofpublic service, Undertaking mechanism
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