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Study On China's Governmental Public Servic Outsourcing

Posted on:2012-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Reform in public service has been surging around the globe since 1980s. Governments of different countries explored measures to reform its public administration. Public service outsourcing turned out to be one of the new patterns in which government provide public service. In 1990s, UK started outsourcing its governmental service in railway, telecommunication and etc. US and Canada followed up. Later this new pattern was introduced into developing countries. China initiated its public service outsourcing in Shanghai and made it operational in 1998.In recent years, several provinces and cities in China made progress and breakthroughs in terms of the width and depth of outsourcing its governmental service. However, there is still debate over public service outsourcing in governmental officials and the academic community. Problems arise in outsourcing public services are focus of public attention. To Chinese government which is trying to spread out the public service outsourcing, a complete understanding the development and problem of the public service outsourcing will not only enable governments to provide efficient and quality service to the public, lower the cost of public service product and save public spending, but also lend valuable experiences for reform on public service organization and its concerning mechanism and achieving a unified public service system in rural and urban areas. Therefore, this article try to focus on the following points:to summarize successful practice and experience China's public service outsourcing and fully analyze outstanding problems with its reason and solutions in China's public service outsourcing, so as to provide theoretical and lawful support to china's public service outsourcing and set up a sound outsourcing system.Due the variety and complexity of China in terms of its economic and social development among different regions, there is no unified pattern of public service outsourcing. This article combines theories with evidence, problems with solutions, domestic research results with overseas and makes a deep analysis in China's public service outsourcing basing on China's situation and learning experience from the world.This article is composed of five parts. The first part is introduction, which introduces the meaning and purpose of this article, academic development and research roadmap and methods, innovations. The second part is about basic theory of public service outsourcing, which introduce concerning concepts, applied scope, working pattern and features of public service outsourcing. The third part is about analysis over the status quo of China's public service outsourcing, which summarizes its development, achievement and experience. The fourth part is about the problems arising in public service outsourcing, which classify and generalize these problems and analyze causes. The fifth part is about advice on china's public service outsourcing, which offer advice to Chinese government to improve its outsourcing in terms of changing the mind, establishing the system, completing the law and innovating administration. The last is conclusion.Innovation of this article:it conclude that due to the similarity between public-sector organization and social organization, in terms that they are neither companies and not operated for profits and that they both carry the function of public service, the study of public service outsourcing bring reference and experience to current reform on public-sector organization.
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