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On Performance Evaluation And Its Application Of Software Enterprises

Posted on:2009-10-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J M BaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360242490140Subject:Business Administration
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With the advent of the information age, the software-industry has developed rapidly in our country. Practitioners have also increased in the growing enterprise software development. However, most of the enterprises in our country are at the initial stage of development, and the scale of software enterprises and the corresponding management level to be increased. As we know, the creator of the enterprises is the staff, and the efficiency & quality of the enterprise is related to the employee's performance, thus the competitiveness of any enterprise depend greatly on the employee's performance. So the objective, fair and effective performance evaluation in software enterprise plays a key role in its human resource management. Additional, the performance evaluation is not only related to compensation, promotion, rewards and penalties of employers, but also determine the competition and development of the enterprise. So, establishing performance appraisal system which suited to their own software development characteristics is very important.This dissertation mainly focuses on some issues of the performance evaluation system for software enterprises in our country at present. And we settle down these shortcomings by synthesizing of several methods, such as balanced scorecard, k ey indicators and performance appraisal theory. In order to inspirit employees at all levels and give them as same as possible opportunities, a support vector machine category scheme based on the characteristics of the staff is applied in the performance evaluation. At the same time, we introduce the AHP technique to setup the evaluation index system of performance evaluation and determine the index weight respectively. We also adopt the PERT technique to analyzing the delay rate of the software work. At last, a case analysis is provided to verify the validity of the proposed methods and the performance evaluation system.The author expects that this article can supply software enterprises of our country with some beneficial reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Software enterprise, Knowledge workers, Performance evaluation, Support vector machine, Program evaluation and review technique, Analytic hierarchy process
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