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Feasibility Study On Making Jinan "China Software City"

Posted on:2009-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360242994986Subject:Government management
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Being the industry with the fastest development speed in the world today, software industry is the key industry to the enhancement of comprehensive national power and the core and soul of IT industry. The development scale and level of software industry have been important measure of the modernization degree and competitiveness of a country. Internationally, both the developed countries and developing countries treat software industry as leading and pillar industry, formulating the development objective and strategy of software industry one after another. Internally, in order to control the commanding point of software industry development, each province and municipality has increased one after another its support for software industry by formulating various polices and measures to advance its development. Jinan city is also faced with the problem of how to enhance the software industry. Therefore, it must conform to and keep up with the new development trend to accurately grasp the rare historical development opportunity and await the proper moment to conduct strategic research on the development of software industry.The paper firstly reviews the status quo of software industry in Jinan, fully and systematically describing the industry scale, software enterprises and software products with a lot of figures and meanwhile outlining the two new segments of software industry including software export and outsourcing and animation comic game. Then, starting with the development status quo of the software industry in our country, this paper comparatively analyzes main practice of major cities in the development of software industry and the results achieved, and, combining with the actual economic and social development in Jinan, explains the significance of the"software city"construction to the economic and social development and the modernization development of our city and demonstrates the necessity of"software city"construction. By qualitative and quantitative analysis and integrated investigation and survey method, this paper analyzes three major advantages of Jinan in the development of software industry: firstly, Jinan is in a dominant position in respect of the overall scale of software industry across the country and the province, secondly, it has an obvious advantage in the carrier of software industry, and thirdly, its supporting system for the industry development has been established and completed on the main; meanwhile, this paper analyzes four major factors that constrain the development of software industry in Jinan: firstly, the driving effect on software industry is insufficient due to less scale of IT product manufacturing industry; secondly, Jinan lags behind domestically advanced cities in the formulation of policies on software industry, so its development environment is yet to be further optimized; thirdly, the investment and financing channel is not complete enough, resulting in seriously insufficiency of funding; fourthly, structural conflicts among software talents is comparatively prominent, thus the comprehensive environment for use of talents is urged to be improved. Through above investigation and analysis, the paper makes proposals on the software industry scale of Jinan by 2010, the urban spatial layout of"one city with four districts"and industrial spatial layout of"multiple parks within one base, extended in the east and west direction and developed in a harmony way". The paper also proposes four development priorities, including the improvement of the core competitiveness of independent software, increase of scale of embedded software, advancement of software outsourcing and acceleration of the development of software information service industry. In view of the weak links, the paper proposes to strengthen the building of supporting environment from four aspects: training system of software talents, technical innovation system, investment and financing system and propaganda and popularization system. Finally, the paper makes policy proposal on the construction of"software city"in accordance with the law of the development of software industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:software industry, advantageous conditions, constraints, policy proposal
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