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The Drinking Water Price Of Safety Drinking In Rural Area And The Post-evaluation Of Drinking Project

Posted on:2010-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360275496566Subject:Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering
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In our country, the safety of drinking water in rural areas is receiving increasing attention, the masses of peasants in rural areas call for to solve the rural drinking water safety issues urgently. This problem's solve is the requirement of the well-off society and the new socialist countryside's building. According to the demand brought forward by the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Party Central Committee which is that accelerating rural drinking water safety project construction and solution to the rural drinking water safety problems in 5 years, the committee would like to get the comprehensive solution to the drinking water safety problems with the rural population of 320 million by 2013. Before 2013, to solve 320 million rural people's drinking water security issues, initially established the protect the safety of drinking water systems, essential to achieve the safety of drinking water in rural areas. Price as an economic means, is can not only help us to strengthen the rural water supply projects for rural drinking water projects benign operation, but also is the guarantee for farmers to facilitate access to adequate and safe drinking water timely,meanwhile it is also an important guarantee to promote sustainable economic and social development in rural areas.The safety of drinking water in rural areas are more and widely distributed, but individual projects are small scale, compared to large-scale construction projects and various types of comparison, they are more difficult to control and management. The Project Post Evaluation scientifically and objectively makes multifaceted evaluations and analysis which include planning design, construction management, fund utilization, project benefit and crowd's satisfaction, and it also timely proposes strategies of solving the problems, which plays an important part in avoiding the defects and failures in project construction, and get the highest investment benefit and best construction effect.Therefore, the post-evaluation of the safety of drinking water in rural areas's project has very important theoretical and practical significance. Based on the previous studies, this paper expatiates the basic concepts of the price of water, post-evaluation of the project and the language of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, based on these theories,three problems will be discussed: (1)Analysis the existing water models, meanwhile considering the development of the principle of water and the impact of factors, such as the healthy operation of the project, willingness to pay, ability to pay and so on, to finalize the price of the rural safe drinking water. And combined with the rural drinking water safety project of Suyu and Chongqing shizitan to verify the calculation works. (2)discussed by experts to determine the evaluation of project indicators and the weights of the evaluation, using the fuzzy integrated estimation to evaluate the rural drinking water safety project, and combined with the project to evaluting. (3)using Visual FoxPro programming language to development system of water price and post-evaluation of the rural drinking water safety project.
Keywords/Search Tags:drinking water security, water price, Ability To Pay(ATP), Willingness To Pay(WTP), post-evaluation of the project, fuzzy integrated estimation
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