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The Study On Rural Drinking Water Safety Management Issue

Posted on:2018-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330515461538Subject:Agricultural Extension
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In the construction of new socialist countryside,China has entered the key stage of the construction of a moderately prosperous society.As an important basic condition for rural economic development,drinking water has important impact for villages,farmers and agriculture.In the process of rural socialist and economic development,the security problem of rural drinking water has become gradually prominent.So it is of great significance for the security management of rural drinking water.To research on the security problem of rural drinking water,the essay firstly introduces the concepts and theoretical knowledge about rural drinking water security and rural public products and so on.With the help of investigative research method with random sampling,it targets at the villages in Damao County in Baotou and the pasturing area in Shiguai District as the investigation object to carry out the questionnaire survey.After reading and reviewing relevant literature,it further learns the current status and problems of the security problem of the rural drinking water in Baotou.It discovers main problems:firstly,there has been no good effect of controlling the water pollution.Villages and towns encourage industrial enterprises to settle around villages.The waste water produced by those enterprises is directly charged without any treatment into the farmland and ponds;in agricultural activities,abundant fertilization causes potential danger to the water source.Secondly,rural water projects are paid enough attention,but they lack management;with the delivery and application of rural water projects,the management problems also surface.For example,the water pipeline has not been repaired and water leak seriously;there is lack of after-construction service;water quality testing of the water projects is not timely conducted.Thirdly,the power of laws and supervision for rural drinking water is rather weak,failing to cover the decentralized water supply areas in the villages;the government neglects the importance of the supervision of water sources and the government affairs of law-enforcing departments fails to be public.Fourthly,rural life is unhealthy.For example,villagers dispose waster water and rubbish at will and so on.Then it correspondingly analyzes the reasons of the security problem of rural drinking water and discovers that the single group of participants in water security management,the shortage of effective management system,the lacking of laws and supervision and low consciousness of villagers' environmental protection are the deep reasons for the problem.Lastly,targeted at these reasons and based on the practical conditions in Baotao,it proposes the countermeasures to solve the security problem of rural drinking water:establish diversified structure of drinking water security.Clarify the dominant status of the local government and give play to the function of rural voluntary organizations;strengthen the after-construction management of drinking water projects.Establish long-term operational mechanism.On one hand,establish accountability system for water projects and improve the employment mechanism;on the other hand,expand the financing channels and give play to the surveillance by the masses;improve the laws for drinking water:one is paying attention to the reality and feasibility of the legislation of drinking water security and the other is increasing the effectiveness of the supervision of law enforcement of rural drinking water;strengthen the education of environmental protection for villagers.
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