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Study On Social Benefit Evaluation Of Rural Drinking Water Safety Project

Posted on:2018-07-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330518477286Subject:Rural and Regional Development
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With the continuous development of society and the improvement of people's living standards,drinking water safety issues have become increasingly prominent,drinking water safety has become the basic requirements of the broad masses of the people.The United Nations has insured its drinking water into basic human rights,and the issue of drinking water safety has been continuously valued.The party and the state have put the rural drinking water safety project into the track of building a well-off society in an all-round way.It is a livelihood project urgently needed by the Party Central Committee,the State Council and the vast rural population to solve the problem of rural drinking water safety in rural areas.Is of great importance.However,it is undeniable that,due to natural and historical conditions and other factors,China's rural drinking water safety project construction at the same time,still face drinking water safety project is not in place,water source protection is not optimistic,water quality testing is difficult,Project operation and management difficulties and many other practical problems,restricting the rural drinking water safety issues an effective solution.Based on this,in order to ensure the party and the country to solve the problem of rural drinking water safety,to achieve the healthy development of drinking water projects,this paper mainly studied the following:Through the probit,Logit,OLS and other models from the farmers,management units,village collective,water pipe and other four dimensions to consider the rural drinking water safety project satisfaction.From the perspective of farmers,whether the water is different smell,foreign body,and water supply guarantee rate and other farmers have a greater impact on drinking water project satisfaction.From the management unit,the implementation of tax incentives and technical management staff training on the normal operation of the water plant significant impact;water purification measures and the use of disinfection equipment on the maintenance of equipment significantly.From the village collective point of view,farmers for drinking water project financing amount and the amount of work to affect the stability of drinking water projects.From the water pipe point of view,whether the installation of water meters on the village maintenance and maintenance funding for the number of positive links;appeared over the aging problem is whether to solve the problem of aging problems.The theory and innovation used in this paper.This paper analyzes the rural drinking water safety project by using the theories of population development theory of development economics,public product theory and consumer behavior theory.From the perspective of farmers,this paper attempts to analyze the farmers' village,village collective,management unit and water pipe and other dimensions,from various aspects of drinking water safety project to consider the satisfaction.Research methods:This paper uses the measurement method for empirical research.Using probit,Logit,OLS and other methods to deal with the data.Research data:In this paper,the use of scientific and rigorous sampling methods,select the sample,access to research data,data is representative.This paper from the farmers,management units,water pipes,village collective four aspects of the data to demonstrate the views of this articleConclusion and Policy Implications.China's rural drinking water safety issues continue to receive attention to the case,drinking water safety engineering construction has been more significant development.Through the analysis of the satisfaction degree of farmers,management units,village collectors and water managers,it shows that the demand and satisfaction degree of different units to rural drinking water safety engineering are different,which emphasizes the basic status of rural drinking water safety project construction And the importance of building diversification.To this end,the main policy of this article is:to strengthen the protection of water sources,from the source to solve the foreign body,smell,smell and other issues;improve investment standards,increase investment,to ensure water supply assurance rate;Work,clear responsibilities,clear functional positioning,improve the water supply unit water treatment measures;increase human capital investment,improve the overall quality of management personnel.In the process of continuously improve the various aspects of drinking water safety project satisfaction,and ultimately to achieve an effective rural drinking water safety problems.
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