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Study On The Evolvement Of Social Fairness Ideas Since China's Reform And Open Policy

Posted on:2011-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J MiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2196330332979138Subject:Marxism in China
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This subject ersists in dialectical aterialism and historical materialism, egards analyzing the literature data as the foundation, synthesizes the knowledge of the politics, the demotics and the history and so on, combines the method of literature summary, the method of experience summing-up and the method of analyzing compare, sets out from many angles and many levels, emerges with the result of study of the evolvement of social fairness ideas since China's Reform and Open Policy in the form of science thesis.These years, social fairness problem has become bulgy social focus day after day going with our country's economic shunt and social turn. Fairness means a measure or principle,which has been legalized by different benefit main body and used to appraised different social quantum in the given history period and the given history condition. Fairness has the same meaning with social fairness. There are divisions between social fairness and social fairness ideas. The social fairness ideas means people's points of view about social fairness. Ancientry, Latter-day and modern social fairness ideas supply the evolvement of social fairness ideas with theory foundation.The practice is developing, the theory is getting ahead. The great course since China's Reform and Open Policy is also a long course of development of social fairness ideas. The author carves up this course to two periods. One period live from early days since China's Reform and Open Policy to the ninetieth Age in the last century. The idea of "efficiency first, fairness second" has inhabited in this period. The study of social fairness focalize on economic field. Another period began from the ninetieth Age in the last century and end in the new century. In this period,ideas of "efficiency first, fairness second" have being turn to "pay more attention to fairness". The evolvement of social fairness ideas since China's Reform and Open Policy takes on three characteristics. They are that fairness has become more and more allowable, the fairness idea evolves gradually from actual construction to rational evolution and the policy must take care of the currently benefit and the long benefit.The period of the evolvement of social fairness ideas since China's Reform and Open Policy is also a course which conforms the social resource, builds value ideas, regress to the spontaneousness and become logos. The evolvement tells us that we must persist in the ideas of people foremost, make Socialism with Chinese characteristics come true by means of implementing theory and practice, swell the reign ability of the Chinese Communist Party and build fair social.
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