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High-skilled Talents Growth Path And Related Research On Effect Evaluation

Posted on:2011-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2197330332469399Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Today, economic globalization is growing, high-skilled talents as important human resources is the embodiment of the nation's core competitiveness. Cultivating a large number of superb artistry and exquisite skills of high-skilled talent is the assurance of human resources which can enhance industrial upgrading and chain promoting, at the same time enhances our core competitiveness and the capability of independent innovation and building innovation-oriented country.In order to more efficiently develop high-skilled talents to make up for China's serious shortage of high-skilled talents, relating to the growth of high-skilled talents and training issues were studied in this thesis.1. The concept of high-skilled talents is descripted in detail.Comparative research methods are used for high-skilled talents and technical personnel.2. The existing literature which is about career life cycle is first reviewed. The thesis bases on a questionnaire survey approach, using a combination of theory and practical methods. The growth path of high-skilled talents conducted a more detailed classification, and the high-skilled talents growth path is divided into five stages and set up incentive model for the growth of high-skilled talents.3. The first class factors which are individual factors, environmental factors, colleges and universities factors are established, when considering the relations between those factors and the feed back, according to the factors that influence the index system to compute the index weight, the analytic network process (ANP) is used to analyze and made a quantitative calculation.4. Through the analysis of three typical cases, their growth process has been introduced in detail to illustrate the high-skilled talents play an important role in promotion of science and technology into productivity. Advanced science and technology must be translated into practical productivity can not do without skilled workers. The economic value and social value which was created by high- skilled talents is far higher than the average.5. According to the specific characteristics of high-skilled talents, recommendations are given:government should attach great importance to the growth of high-skilled talents, vocational colleges and enterprises should work together for the development of high-skilled talents...
Keywords/Search Tags:high-skilled talents, career life cycle, growth path, effect evaluation
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