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On The Comprehensive Quality Of Professional Singers

Posted on:2009-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This thesis consisted of two chapters which analyzed the professional singer' integrated quality in different aspects.The first chapter mainly discussed the phenomenon that the professional singers usually lack the integrated quality in contemporary society and tried to find the reasons for it. As for the problem of"put emphasis only on skills but overlook the integrated quality"in the process of learning, was finely discussed in the first chapter, too. It's also proposed the view that it is very important for the professional singers to improve their integrated quality.The second chapter mainly discussed the key elements that the professional singers should have. These elements consisted of the study of how to sing well, the education attainment, the stage performance and so on. They will be discussed and explained in the following content one by one. The professional singers are required to follow the key elements put forward above which are good for their development. The studies of integrated quality are also stated in this chapter as it has the profound meaning for the development of vocal music training cause and science and technology.This thesis applied many subjects such as the study of music teaching, the study of music psychology, the study of music performance and the study of music communication .The focal point lied in the following two parts: the analysis of the present situation of professional singer's integrated quality and the constitution of integrated quality. As a result of reflection on the phenomenon of present society, the thesis will also explore deeply about what quality the professional singer should have and its significant meanings.
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