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Cross-strait Discussion On Strategic Cooperation In The South China Sea Issue

Posted on:2012-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y JinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206330332492951Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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The South China Sea Issue, which generated in the 1970s, has gradually showed a white-hot development trend now. South China Sea is the immanent territory of China since time immemorial. The Chinese across the Straits should jointly defend the interests of the Chinese nation when suffered infringement. The research object of the paper is based on the cooperation in The South China Sea Issue, making a analysis of the cooperation from the follow aspects:the necessity, feasibility and the way of cooperation.This paper can be divided into three parts:The first part aims to analyze the necessity of cooperation in The South China Sea Issue across the Straits. Firstly, this part introduces the current situation of the development of the South China Sea issue, analyzing the origin and dispute situation of the South China Sea issue. Secondly, this paper has given reasons to the important meaning of the South China Sea issue for the straits. In order to explain that it is necessary that the straits should cooperate without delay when facing up the situation where reef and resources in the South China Sea was contested. The second part is written for the sake of feasibility of the cooperation in The South China Sea Issue for the straits. First of all, the part makes a analysis of the cross-strait respective policies on the South China Sea is issue, on the basis of which policy induces similarities between two sides. The policy foundation of cooperation on The South China Sea Issue. In the second place, the part observes and studies many favorable conditions of cooperation of the across Straits at the present stage. The third part explores the paths and difficulties of cooperation on The South China Sea Issue between the straits. First, the part discusses the principles that the across straits cooperation in The South China Sea should follow. Secondly, the part deeply analyzes the specific paths to the cooperation. The cooperation can be developed from the following aspects:we both sides should strengthen the consensus of "one-china" on the South China Sea Issue; handling the across straits common participation in international activities, we'd better take flexible ways. We should establish cooperation field cross-strait military coordination mechanism from a low point. Eventually, the part points out the difficulties of cross-strait cooperation in South China Sea, mainly focuses on the dispute of "sovereignty" of South China Sea between both sides. Besides, the paper makes a support by coordinated action about the appeal and forces intervene Taiwan seeking for foreign, which gets the cooperation between the across straits filled with variable factors.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Spratly Issue, Cross-straits Relation, Strategic Cooperation, Maritime rights and interests
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