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County Government Functions In The Urban And Rural Basic Public Service Equalization Study

Posted on:2012-04-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the 1980s, some western countries began a "public service for the core" administrative reform. Our country has entered the economic and social transformation period, whether theorists or governments are very concerned about the construction of public service-oriented government, to realize the equal access to basic public service has become a public service-oriented government establishes China's basic demands. In the coordination of urban and rural development and the construction of new countryside became national strategic background, the governments at county level in China have completely local government function and a complete financial as the basic unit government backing, in promoting urban and rural equal access to basic public service process plays a very important role in constructing service government, is the key.The establishment of the service-type government has profound theoretical basis, the new public service theory, the government is services rather than helm, pay more attention to the democratic values and public interests, and stresses the government in the relation between government and market, civil servant and public relations between position should be put to public interests, the real focus of attention. Public finance theory is that public finance has nonprofit, their activities in the market failure only limit the area, and through own payment activities for the whole society range of redistribution, in order to realize social distribution of the relatively fair. Dual economic theory says developing countries dual economy transformation to a dollar economy exists, and the channel is by improving rural production capacity, improve the rural living conditions, make the worker-peasant difference and gap between urban and rural areas is shrinking, can eventually make the duality disappear. Scientific development theory people-oriented, overall consideration for thinking equal access to basic public service in urban and rural areas in China to provide theoretical reference. This article through to the United States, Japan and India three national urban and rural the equal access to basic public service measures and achievements of the article analysis, this paper summarizes the countries will be the equal access to basic public service functions as an important function of government, think of the equal access to basic public services help narrow the gap between rich and poor, to alleviate social contradictions, and straighten out the relationship between government at all levels of county government, realize equal access to basic public service have important role. Meanwhile, our county government is of a relatively stable management space, plays the administrative roles, have transitional government functions, completely place in promoting urban and rural equal access to basic public service has an important position. Although in recent years our government, urban and rural equal access to basic public service have obtained some achievements, but there still urban and rural compulsory education development is not balanced, urban and rural medical resources uneven distribution, urban and rural social security system construction, urban and rural infrastructure unbalanced supply problems, such as the performance of these the equalization, from county government at all levels of the government's function with unclear, county government into the social management and public service function, disequilibrium of county government does not match, conform with property county-level civil servant public service concept with capability is not strong weak four aspects are analyzed. Finally, return the value concept of service-type government, by strengthening the civil servants public service ruling idea, constructs the county government of public service mode, diversified in both urban and rural county government clearly the equal access to basic public service, based on public duties positioning service oriented public financial revenue and expenditure system, improve the governments at county level public service performance evaluation system puts forward five government function change the basic ideas at the county level. On this basis, proposed further strengthen basic education field in the county government, public health field, social security areas and rural infrastructure sector realization of the equal access to basic public service specific countermeasures.China's access to the economic and social transformation period, the county government function effectively play will better solve China's economic and social development of social contradictions and social problems, be helpful for our country comprehensive build a service-oriented government. However, urban and rural equal access to basic public service level and social development level of a country's economy is closely related to our country is concerned, this means that the realization of the equal access to public service needs a long-term and arduous process.
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