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A Study On The Governance Ability Of Township Governments In Ethnic Areas

Posted on:2017-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330485967732Subject:Administrative Management
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The governance capability of township governments in ethnic minority regions mainly involves the ability of public finance, public service, social management and organizational development.The current governance of ethnic minority township governments has obtained a certain development. In the area of public finance, the ability of fiscal revenue has increased steadily and the benign development ability has improved. The ability of accessing to resources gradually strengthened and the urban and rural overall development capacity promoted from the perspective of public service ability. The basic social management has been gradually on the right track and the ability to resolve conflicts has improved constantly. Also, the group of cadres has been optimized and the adaptability of organizations was enhanced.However, shortages still exist. The mismatch between financial and administrative powers and the inadequate internal motivation of financial growth are the main problems of public finance. In the aspect of public service, the capacities of demand response, resource integration, urban and rural overall development and institutional innovation need to be further enhanced. In terms of the social management ability, there are a series of problems relatively, such as impracticable power, the lack of crisis prevention ability, insufficient collaborative management ability, the weak legal management capacity. The performances of the poor organizational development ability are the weak ability of structural optimization, the low training and development ability and the imperfect performance appraisal system.Therefore, the improving path of the governance capacity of ethnic minority township governance should give priority to focusing on breeding a new governance culture, including strengthening the spirit of legal governance, developing the idea of common governance and enhancing the awareness of human resources management. On the basis of the elements above, the public financial system should be improved through clarifying the administrative powers of townships, increasing transfer payments, improving the rural financial system, regulating the financial expenditure of townships, etc. In order to improve the efficiency of township public service, the capacity of demand response must be strengthened, the effect of the resource utilization should be increased, and balancing the level of urban and rural services and innovating the mode of collaboration services also need to be done. To improve the township social management mechanism, we should transfer some social management authority to a lower level and devote to improving the mechanism of the public crisis prevention, building a network of collaborative governance and strengthening the ability of legal governance. From the view of enhancing the township’s organizational development ability, several things need to be done constantly, such as improving the planning of human resources and the mechanism of selecting and appointing cadres, optimizing the training and development mechanism of cadres and setting up a scientific system of performance evaluation, etc.
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