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Township Governance Model Change, The Less Developed Regions Under The Public Service Orientation

Posted on:2009-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360272962692Subject:Government management
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Township governance is the most basic and fundamental part of the entire management system of the country, because its efficiency will have a direct impact on China's social stability and economic development.At present, the management system is in the key transitional period transforming from the government's administration model to the service -oriented style. How to make more and better public services available to the majority of the farmers has gradually become a primary problem to the grass-roots governments in the new era. As a result, it is an urgent task for the governments to enhance the efficiency while exercising their public services functions by taking effective measures to reform their management systems.Qingyuan County, located in the southwest of Zhejiang Province, is an underdeveloped agricultural area. On the basis of the field-based research and some related theoretical research on the management theory, the theory of public service and the current governance reforms, this thesis carried out a case study on the implementation of the public service oriented reform of township governance practiced in Qingyuan County.First, this thesis provided an overview of some basic theories of the township governance in the less developed regions in China. It mainly analyzed the difficulties these governments faced in the course of their governance and in so doing pointed out that the plight would have a serious impact on building a socialist harmonious society and building a socialist new countryside. And then the paper put forward some ideas on building the skill-based township governance attempting to bear some insights to address the plight.Second, this thesis made a brief introduction of the practice and experience of the construction of a skill-based township in Qingyuan County in recent years. Aside from this, through the illustration of the effects of building the skill-based townships to promote economic and social development in less-developed rural areas, the paper, taking the internal and external environmental and situational factors into consideration, further explored the basic causes contributing to the constant construction of the skill-based township in Qingyuan county. Third, this paper further discussed the current problems and obstacles in the process of promoting the construction of the skill-based township. These problems and obstacles mainly arose from the current management system, the process of practice, supervision, checks and balances, performance evaluation, as well as the historical and social environment.Based on the above analysis, the paper held the opinion that it will be a gradual and orderly but long-term process for the grass-roots government to promote building service-oriented governance. Finally, in correspondence with the reality in China's rural areas, particularly the less developed rural areas at this stage, this paper put forward a number of countermeasures and suggestions to promote the realization of building a service-oriented grass-roots government, that is, by optimizing the institutional structure, strengthening the supplement of policies and principles, and improving the performance evaluation as well.
Keywords/Search Tags:reform of the township governance, skill-based township, model, Qingyuan County
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