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The Standardization Study Of The Return Of Administrative Accountability Officials In China

Posted on:2018-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M L YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2356330515958878Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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The construction and development of administrative accountability system is a beautiful landscape of China's administrative system reform.Since 2003,it has achieved quite good results,and the transcripts submitted by the public on administrative accountability are relatively satisfactory.With the growing development of administrative accountability,the return of the accountability officials did not seem to be very satisfying.In practice,the administrative accountability officials non-standard return cases everywhere,all kinds of black-box operation,a variety of disturbing normal procedures,the public on the accountable officials of the non-standard return is abhorrence.In the long run,the non-standard return of administrative accountability officials seems to gradually evolve into a unspoken rule,which not only weaken the trust of the community for the government,the credibility of our government has long been gradually weakened,the effectiveness of administrative accountability Greatly reduced.In the theoretical circles of our country,the research on the return of administrative accountability officials is scarce.The research of the subject in this field is rare.Most scholars have stopped at the point of view of administrative accountability.However,the practice of administrative accountability officials come back to the practice of promoting the administrative accountability system will only icing on the cake,finishing touch.Therefore,we must pay attention to the study of administrative accountability officials back to the subject of research,and in many of the research on the subject point of view,I think that the administrative accountability officials back the legal countermeasures should be a very important aspect,only the executive Accountability officials to come back to be standardized,our administrative accountability to become increasingly perfect,the administrative system reform to harvest significant results.In this paper,the author is divided into five parts,the first is the introduction of the article,the introduction of the theme of the study,arouse the reader's interest.Second,write the theoretical part of the article.Again,write the theoretical part of the article.This part mainly through the administrative accountability officials come back to a definition,to explore the necessity of the return of the accountable officials and the existence of important theory.Only by understanding the basic theory of administrative accountability officials back to a deeper understanding of the subject written in this article.Thirdly,the analysis of administrative accountability officials" comeback in our country,mainly to analyze some of the problems,analysis of the reasons.Next,the author will be on how to regulate the administrative accountability officials back to a thorough analysis.In this part,we mainly put forward the four major countermeasures,mainly the legal system,the program design,the supervisory mechanism and the cultural construction several aspects.Finally,the concluding part of this article.The general structure of this paper is the case.The author tries to put forward his own humble opinion on the construction of the rule of law in China's administrative accountability officials through the study of the legal countermeasures against the administrative officials of the administrative accountability officials.It is hoped that the construction of administrative accountability system in our country will be able to develop in the long run,Track the healthy operation of the track,so as to China's rule of law society,the construction of a harmonious society clear the obstacles to eliminate the resistance for our long-term stability,the people's happy life escort.
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